Early Mornings,
By: Dana K. Anderson
Dedicated to: My best friend Elizabeth Bennet, Liz, you're the Josh/Donna
fan I know.

        Josh walked into his office early Friday morning to find Donna, his perky
blond assistant in his chair.

        "Donna, you're here early," he commented as he put down the manila folder
he had been carying. She didn't answer so he tried again. After twenty
seconds of trying to communicate with her he finally decided she was asleep.

        He reached under his desk to pull out the black afghan he kept stashed
down there and wrapped it around her shoulders. He kissed her cheek, then as
if on second thought whispered, "I love you."

        He walked to the door, turned out the light and headed to the meeting he
was supposed to have been had ten minutes ago.

The end
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