Megann to Toby
By: Dana K. Anderson

Note: Hey folks! This is my third fanfic and it has taken me forever to
type. Elizabeth Bennett "Liz" thanks for helping me with this one!
- Dana

It had started out as a normal day in the White House when, compared to
the rest of the country was not so normal. C.J why walking down the hall that
Monday morning had bumped into a woman who had a distinct familiarity about
her. She seemed lost in the West wing so C.J assumed she must be late.
"Hi," C.J said giving the woman a reassuring smile.
"C.J? Is that you?" the woman asked.
"Yes, you are?"
"Don't you remember?"
"No, I'm sorry."
"Here's a hint, It's crackers to slip."
"A Razen the dropsi in snide! Meg, I never would have realized it was
"C.J have you seen my new assistant?" Toby asked barreling down the
hallway towards the two women.
"Who would that be Toby?" C.J asked.
"A Ms. Megann M. Meacham," He said. " She was supposed to start working
for me today."
"Mr. Ziegler I presume," Meg said.
"Yes what can I do for you?" Toby answered slowly eyeballing the other
woman who had been standing next to C.J.
"Sir, I'm your new assistant. I just got through handing the president a
copy of this speech so he could look over it and make changes," Meg explained.
"Oh, okay. Have you had the official tour yet Ms. Meacham?"
"Meg or Meggie is fine sir. No I haven't yet but I'll poke around
latter," she explained.
"Meggie?" C.J asked when Toby had left. "You never even let Will call you
Meg but Meggie?"
"Yeah well, he's certainly not Will," Meg commented with a smile.
"Meg what? Just because he's out of my league doesn't mean I can't look!"
"What happened with you and Will? Last I heard you were going to get
married on your birthday," C.J asked.
"I didn't want to go through with it," Meg explained still staring off to
where Toby had disappeared.
"How are your parents taking it?" C.J asked.
"Taking what? Taking a job in a Democratic White House or me breaking up
my engagement?"
"Either or."
"Their certainly not thrilled but they'll live," Meggie explained.
"I better get back to work. Come by my office for lunch, I'll show you
around," C.J said before she started to walk away towards her office.
At about noon Meggie headed down to C.J's office after asking directions
twice. Once she asked a Mr. Josh Lyman who must have thought she was a new
reporter because his directions led her out of the building. She finally
asked a red- headed reporter, a Daniel Concanon who had been nice enough to
escort her to C.J's office.
Meggie found it funny but when she mentioned C.J the reporter had seemed
to brighten up. Meg figured it was because he had a crush on C.J. When they
reached C.J's office Danny told Meg he'd go in first. As soon as he opened
the door C.J told him to go away.
"Is that the way you talk to someone who took a poor girl to find you?"
he asked.
"I'm not a girl!" Meg told him hitting him upside the head to emphasis
her statement.
"You look up to me and you know it," Danny remarked as he looked down on
Meggie's 5'4" frame.
"Oh shut up!" C.J told Danny. "Leave while you're at it."
"Gee whiz! You'd think I'd committed treason or something!" Danny mumbled
before he walked out and slammed C.J's office door shut.
"Sorry about that," C.J explained with an apologetic smile. "I think he
gets irritated that I'm taller than him."
"I think he likes you though," Meg commented.
" You do?" C.J asked as her eyes began to resemble a child's on Christmas
morning while taking in all that Santa had left.
"Yeah I think he does," Meg said smiling. " Now if we could just get a
certain Mr. Toby Zeigler to notice me I'd be as happy as a lark."
"I think I can do that," C.J said smiling.


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