Megann to Toby
By: Dana K. Anderson

C.J had spent the day with half of her mind on work and the other half on
how to set Toby up with Meg and live to see tomorrow. She had finally decided
on a not so original plan, a blind date. Toby would be oblivious to the
entire thing. Meg, she had finally decided, after much thought, would be
enlightened of the goings on.
First, she had to go match wits with Toby. She walked to Toby's office
and knocked on the door. Meg had already left or was running an errand for
Toby because she was nowhere to be found.
"Go away and leave me alone Meggie! I don't care if the president wants
to rewrite my speech nobody's coming in here!" Toby roared through the door.
C.J opened the door to find Toby hunched over a stack of papers in the
middle of his desk.
"Hey Toby, could you do me a favor?" C.J asked.
"Go away C.J," Toby warned not looking up from his papers.
"Well, you see Toby, I have this friend, and she's new and I was hoping
you'd like to show her around D.C," C.J began.

"What kind of friend?" Toby asked in spite of himself becoming just the
slightest bit interested.
"My best friend from high school," C.J explained smiling to herself.
"Maybe I can make the time, but, you owe me one C.J," Toby said turning
back to his paper work.
C.J, still smiling walked out the door and back down to her office to
make a last minute phone call to Danny telling him of dinner reservations she
had made for four.
Back at Toby's office Toby understood the true pain of Josh's existence
with a perky secretary.
"Guess what Toby," Meg said barging into his office.
"Go away," Toby told her.
"I'm going to tell you about a date I have tonight," she continued.
"I don't want to hear it," Toby responded.
"That's too bad," Meg began. "That leaves me no choice other than to
reschedule a couple meetings so you have time to meet with a Mr. Apricot who
wants to talk to you about the waste of toilet paper."
"You wouldn't!"
"I can and I will. I had a password put on your schedule file and I'm the
only one who knows it. So, do you want to hear about my date?"
"You've only been here a few hours and your already making my life a
living nightmare!" Toby complained.
Meg gushed about how nice and cute this guy was. How a friend set it up
for her but she knew the guy. Toby could feel himself getting angry at a man
he had never met because he had a woman's attention. Not just any woman he
told himself, a 5'4" brunet with large blue eyes, whose company he greatly
enjoyed. Even if she was hyper, voiced her opposing opinions every chance she
got and had a tendency to get under his feet.
"I'm losing it," he told himself. "I've known this woman for what, six
hours and she's already got me going around in circles."
At six Toby was a nervous wreck. He didn't know why a date was affecting
him like it was. C.J had come by his office at four thirty to tell him that
dinner was at six. Meg had come in at five asking if she could go home early
so she could get ready for her date. He had agreed and she had merrily
skipped off, if grown women did skip, out of the office and home to prepare.
C.J walked into Toby's office smiling. "You ready?"
"About as ready as I'll ever be," Toby grumbled grabbing his suit jacket
and heading out the door.
C.J had told Toby she'd take him to the restaurant considering he didn't
know which one and if he got drunk she'd have the keys and there would be no
They entered the restaurant by a bouncy redheaded reporter who gave no
thought in kissing C.J in front of Toby.
"Hi Toby," Danny said smiling as he pulled out a chair for C.J at the
"Where's my date?" Toby asked slightly annoyed that his blind date might
stand him up.
"I'm sorry to keep you waiting," a voice from behind Toby said. "You
wouldn't believe how bad traffic is this time of night."
Toby turned around to see Meg in a simple red dress. The dress had a high
cut neck and went down to about her knees. She only wore a simple gold cross
for jewelry and gold earring studs.
"Toby you're staring," Meg told him seating herself.
"Sorry," he mumbled and turned back to his menu.
It was quite a difference from the mismatched out fit she had worn to
work that morning. A black suit and bright pink shirt with neon green pumps
and a happy yellow purse were not normal in the white house.
Dinner went fairly smoothly with Meg, Danny or C.J mentioning every five
minutes that Toby was starring. When they had ordered everyone had been a
little surprised at how much Meg had ordered.
"What? Because I'm little doesn't mean I can't eat a lot?" she had
when C.J mentioned that she had ordered almost half the menu.
As if to prove them wrong Meg ate the entire meal. The foursome where
just about ready to order dessert when Meg's pager went off. After excusing
herself to use the pay phone C.J, Danny and Toby were left alone.
"You really like her don't you?" C.J asked smiling noting her old
friend's blush.
"She's nice," he said not looking up from the tablecloth pattern.
C.J was just about ready to ask him what he meant by that when Meg
whizzed by.
"Sorry, I have to leave," she explained dropping money on the table and
grabbing her purse. "See you tomorrow." With that she whizzed out of the
restaurant leaving three patrons staring after her.

More to come!



Megann To Toby - 3




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