By: Dana K. Anderson

It was ten o'clock in the morning when Leo received a phone call stating
that Meg wouldn't be there. Her five-year-old daughter Kathryn had come down
with the flu. Toby was slightly frantic when he went by Leo's office at
eleven in search of Meg.
"Her daughter is sick today," Leo told him.
"Her what?" Toby asked shocked that Meg hadn't mentioned her daughter to
"Her daughter, Kathryn," Leo repeated before mentally kicking himself.
"She told me not to say anything."
"Why not?"
"It's not one of those things you mention to your boss," Leo explained.
C.J walked into the room in search of Toby. "Toby have you seen Meg?"
"Her daughter is sick," Toby muttered before starting to walk off.
"Her what?" C.J asked.
"Her daughter Kathryn. Look you two, I promised I wouldn't tell but since
the cat's out of the bag so to speak you might want to ask her why she
didn't mention having a daughter."
Leo and C.J later decided that was the fastest they'd ever seen Toby
move. Toby was stuck in an emotional turmoil over whether he should be angry
at Meg for not mentioning her daughter, or mad at himself at the way he
reacted to a situation that if he would have been put in would probably have
made the same choices. When he reached Meg's apartment he was in no better
shape at calming his emotions down than he had been in the beginning.
"Toby, what are you doing here?" Meg asked when she opened the door.
"We need to talk,"
"Talk about what?"
"Why you didn't mention your daughter."
"Toby, come in, keep in mind though I've only known you a day."
When Toby was seated on Meg's large brown couch and Meg sat across from
him she asked, "what do you want to know?"
"Why you didn't tell me?" he asked truly hurt.
"Toby, I've only known you one day."
"It seems longer," he mumbled to himself.
"Toby, don't get this wrong. I love my daughter, why do you think I moved
so far to get a better paying job? I didn't tell anyone because being an
unwed mother is not something I'm proud of. I was engaged at the time,
unfortunately or maybe fortunately, he didn't want kids. I thought once we
were married I could convince him but, well after I found out I was pregnant
I realized I couldn't. He called me every name in the book plus some. Then
left. I knew I loved my baby and nothing was going to stop that. Toby, I was
one of the lucky ones. I wasn't in high school with no possibility of a
future. I was out of college with a respectable job. I didn't mention Kat
because I didn't want you to pass judgment," Meg explained blinking back
tears. "I liked you too much to have you do that."
"How could you think that?" Toby asked standing up and pulling Meg up
with him. "Meg, what you said about liking me did you really mean it?"
When Meg nodded he pulled her close to him. She was closer to him now
than any woman had been in a long time.
"Toby, would you like to see her?" Meg asked coming out of his embrace.
"Sure," he said.
Meg walked him down a small hallway in her apartment to a closed door.
She slowly opened it and silently ushered him inside. There in the mess of
boxes and toys was a twin bed. On that bed slept a child with dark curly hair
that cascaded over a pale lavender pillowcase. The child's cheeks were a soft
rose pink. Her dark eyelashes lifted to reveal dark emerald eyes.
"Kat, this is my friend Toby. Toby this is my daughter, Kat."
"Actually," the five-year old stated, "its Kathryn Claudia-Jean Meacham."
"Well its very nice to meet you Kathryn Claudia-Jean Meacham," Toby said.
"Its very nice to meet you to Toby."
Meg suggested after five minutes of conversation between her daughter and
Toby that he might want to get back to work considering Leo would probably
bite his head off for being gone over two hours.
Toby left whistling through the hallway and out to his car. He couldn't
have recalled a happier time.

...til the next part



Megann To Toby - 4




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