Visitors in the White House
By: Dana K. Anderson   

Notes: Hi this is me the strange author who has nothing better to do than 
write fan-fiction. I want to than my friend Liz Bennet for helping me refine
my newest character who I base on a very close friend. My other characters (
Kathryn and Will) are mine! You may use them as long as Will is the bad guy.
I want to thank my other close fried Kathryn Benson (Kitty) for being my
other character whether you know it or not!

    Two day's later Meg was back at the office. Kat, still too sick to be
around the neighboring kids went with her mother to work. Kat brought her bag
of crayons, paper and a book to read. After situating Kat at her desk Meg
quickly walked into Toby's office to see if he needed anything.
    "I'm back," she said as she opened the door to Toby's office.
    He looked up and smiled. "Welcome, I don't need anything right now but if
you'd go talk to C.JI think she would greatly appreciate it. She's been
wanting to talk to you for a couple of days."
    When Meg began to hum the death march all Toby did was widen his grin at
the true knowledge of hurricane a la C.J Cregg. Meg walked down the halls
that had grown comfortable to her in the four official days she had been
working at the White House. When Meg reached C.J's office she knocked gently
as she received an apologetic look from Carol.
    "Danny go away!" the press secretary yelled as Meg opened the door.
    "I'm sorry if this is a bad time," Meg began as she quickly steped out of
the door way and began to shut the door.
    "Meg, wait a minute I need to talk to you," C.J told her shuting the file
she had been reading.
    Meg shut the door behind her and stood in front of C.J's desk like she
would have in front of the principals desk if she'd been caught fighting on
the play ground. "You wanted to talk?" Meg asked.
    "Yes, why didn't you mention having a daughter?" C.J asked. Three days
later she was still mad about it.
    "You never asked," Meg answered simply.
    "What about Will? Does he know? Is he the father?" C.J asked.
    "Yes he knows but he didn't care then and I wouldn't imagine cares now,"
Meg answered bluntly.
    "Why didn't you call and tell me?" C.J asked.
    "C.J, I was twenty- nine and hadn't seen you in over ten years," Meg
    "Why didn't you tell me when you arrived? Or Toby?" C.J asked regretting
what she said when she saw Meg visibly wince.
    "It was a lot to take in on my first day," Meg said.
    "I guess I'm over reacting a little," C.J said apologetically. "It's
just a lot to take in."
    Meg started to walk out the door when she suddenly stopped. "You know
she's named after you right?"
    "No, I didn't," C.J replied.
    "She's in my office area if you'd like to meet her," Meg answered.
    "I'd like that."
    The two women walked down the hallway in complete silence. When they
reached Meg's office area three figures greeted them. One was a balding man.
The second was a small child with pig tails and large green eyes. The other
figure was a tall man with sandy colored hair and green eyes.
    "Hi Meg," the third man said holding out a bouquet of roses.    







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