***West Wing is the property of Aaron Sorkin, et al. Not me, please don't 
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Warning: Character dies, new character introduced. This takes place 
immediately after WKODHIB.

Everybody in the white house was in shock. President Josiah Bartlett was 
locked in the Oval Office with Leo McGarry, trying to digest the news. 
Everybody else sat in their offices, trying to cope. Josh sat in Toby's 
office, "I can't believe she's gone," his voice cracked on the last word. 
"I know, Josh. Everything will be okay. It has to be" Toby whispered the last 
part to himself. 
"OKAY!?! Everything will not be Okay! CJ's dead, Toby! She's not coming 
back!" Josh sank back down to the couch and buried his head in his hands.





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