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"For your information, Joshua, I attended the Academy! Not Stanford," she 
said Stanford like a dirty word.
"The Academy?" he asked, intrigued.
"The US Naval Academy, Joshua," she sighed, she really didn't want to talk 
about this.
"You were in the Navy? What'd you do?"
"I flew Tomcats, Josh. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a briefing." 

How do I live? Part 10:

"Good Morning, Ladies and Gentleman, now-"
"Sammy!! Does the President have a comment on the Kaman Prime Minister's 
statement that the United States was a big bully, who needed to mind her own 
business, and stop sticking her nose in the world's affairs?"
"At this, moment, no. We will have a statement for you at the two o'clock 
briefing. Now, as I was saying-"
"Does the fact that the president knows nothing about this, have anything to 
do with the delay in his statement, Ms.Chegwidden?" a voice piped up from the 
back of the pressroom.
"and you would be?"
"Kelly Rivers, Boston Times. Please answer the question, Ms. Chegwidden."
"As I said just a moment ago, Kelly, we will have a statement for the press 
at today's two o'clock briefing," she took a deep breath, "now, as I was 
saying, the President would like to-"
"Ms.Chegwidden, why won't you answer my question? I would like to know if the 
President is aware oof the Prime Minister's thoughts."
"Ms.Rivers, as I have already stated, we will have a comment for you at the 
two o'colock briefing. Now, if you will kindly allow me to finish, the 
President would like to extend his condolences to the family of Lt. Michael 
Holloway, the Naval Aviator who died this past week in a training accident." 
As quickly as possible, Sammy finished the briefing and left the press room, 
"Ms.Rivers, if I could have a word with you, in my office please," her voice 
was as cold as steel, and her eyes dared the young reporter to refuse.
Danny leaned over to Kelly and whispered, "dumb move, kid. you should have 
kept your mouth shut. Sammy'll eat you for lunch," he smirked as he walked 
away. Danny had been getting to know Sammy, and while 'she's not CJ,' he 
thought to himself, 'she's fair, and she's got a temper. She would rip into 
that kid, and with good reason, too. It was poor show to interrupt the press 
secretary more than once.'
Sammy was almost shaking, she was so angry, as she directed Miss Rivers to 
have a seat. "Miss Rivers," she said coldly, "it would serve you well to 
remember that once I have given you a clear, and concise answer, interrupting 
me is a very bad thing to do. I would recommend that you reconsider that in 
the future," she said, looking down at some papers on her desk, and picking 
up her phone, making it clear she was through. She dialed Leo's number, and 
had just been patched through when a hand pushed the disconnect button. She 
looked up, thoroughly pissed, " what the hell do you think you're doing? You 
just hung up on the chief of staff!" Leo, meanwhile, had made his way to her 
office and was standing in the doorway. Sammy stood up behind her desk and 
leaned forward, sticking her face in the young reporter's, "you, Madam, are 
out of line. I might just get your credentials revoked for that. Now leave my 
office, before I have you removed!"
"You can't do that! Do you have any idea who I am? I am Senator River's 
"And I serve at the pleasure of the President of The United States! Now get 
OUT!" she shouted.
By this time, Danny had made his way back to Sammy's office. "This kid has no 
idea who she's dealin' with, does she?" he jauntily asked Leo. Leo just shook 
his head in amazement as he turned his head, and walked away. Kelly stormed 
out of the office. Sammy sank into her chair, "what the hell was that brat 
thinking? I am Senator River's daughter," she mimicked, "like I care?"
Danny just shook his head and left, laughing all the way.





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