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By this time, Danny had made his way back to Sammy's office. "This kid has no 
idea who she's dealin' with, does she?" he jauntily asked Leo. Leo just shook 
his head in amazement as he turned his head, and walked away. Kelly stormed 
out of the office. Sammy sank into her chair, "what the hell was that brat 
thinking? I am Senator River's daughter," she mimicked, "like I care?"
Danny just shook his head and left, laughing all the way.

How do I live? Part 11:

Josh leaned against the door frame of her office and watched her work, "God, 
she's beautiful," he thought to himself. And she was, with shoulder length 
auburn hair pulled up into it's standard messy topknot, and her beautiful 
green eyes. Without looking up, she asked him, "Joshua, how long are you 
planning on standing there?" and there was her ability to tell he was there 
without looking.
"So, I heard you had a run in with Senator Rivers' brat." She looked up, and 
he could tell she'd been crying. Suddenly, all thoughts of senator Rivers 
flew from his mind. "Sammy, what's wrong?"
She smiled and looked away, "nothing, Joshua, I have allergies. My eyes water 
all the time," her eyes seemed to dance with merriment and she continued, 
"but I'm touched that you care, Joshua." Suddenly, his voice grew husky as he 
spoke, "of course I care, Sammy." She averted her eyes from him and he 
suddenly felt really uncomfortable. "What'd you want Joshua?"
He cleared his throat, "Rivers' kid?"
"Oh yeah. That snot nosed brat came into my pressroom, interrupted me not once
, not twice, but three times, Joshua! Then, I called her into my office, to 
have a little chat," she paused and he shuddered, thinking of what it would 
have been like to be on the receiving end of that talk. Her green eyes were 
flashing angrily, as she continued, "then, when I tell her how we like to do 
things, she says nothing, I think 'good, she's finally gettin' it.' But do 
you know what she did then?" at Josh's blank look, she continued, "I picked 
up the phone to call Leo, I had just started talking to him when she pushed 
the disconnect button! I asked her what the hell she was doing and she calmly 
informs me that she can do whatever she wants, she's a senators kid. Like I 
care," she snorted.
"What'd you do then?"
"I told her to get the hell out of my office or I'd have here credentials 
revoked. I still may do it too!" Josh was entranced, she was so fired up. 
Suddenly, she burst out laughing, "what?" Josh asked, sounding impossibly 
"Hey, Joshua, I've got a dentist appointment, cover the pressroom for me?"
"Ha.Ha.Ha. Very funny, Sammy. I am so amused."
"I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself," she said trying to stifle her laugh. "I 
truly am sorry, Joshua."
"Have dinner with me tonight."





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