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"Hey, Joshua, I've got a dentist appointment, cover the pressroom for me?"
"Ha.Ha.Ha. Very funny, Sammy. I am so amused."
"I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself," she said trying to stifle her laugh. "I 
truly am sorry, Joshua."
"Have dinner with me tonight."

How do I live?- Part 12:

Abbey knocked on Sammy's door, "Sammy, darling, can I come in?"
When she received no answer, she became worried, "Dear?" she asked as she 
slowly opened the door. When she saw Samantha laying on her couch, fast 
asleep, she smiled softly. But as she approached, she could see that there 
were dried tears on her cheeks. Abbey walked over to the couch, and gently 
shook Sammy. As soon as Sammy opened her eyes, and saw who it was, her tears 
flowed over, "oh, Abbey!" was all she said. Abbey just sat on the couch and 
laid Samantha's head in her lap, "tell me what happened dear," she softly 
"Joshua asked me out on a date."
"and, this is bad?" she was confused.
"Yes! No! I don't know!" Sammy sounded agitated.
"Okay, okay, calm down," Abbey replied soothingly, trying to figure out what 
to do, "what's the problem?"
"I like him! I like him a lot! And that really scares me, Abbey."
"Because, I haven't felt this way since Chris! And I'm scared!" Realization 
dawned on the First Lady and she began to stroke Samantha's hair. "Dear, you 
have to move on. It's been ten years since Chris died. Ten years, that's a 
long time. Go out to dinner with Josh. See how it goes, he can be quite 
charming, you know."
Samantha nodded, "I know."





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