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"Chegwidden," she paused, nodded, then spoke, "yes, sir, I'll be right there. 
Yes, Leo, I understand, I'm on my way." Not five seconds later Josh's phone 
rang, "oh, brother," he muttered, "Josh Lyman," after receiving the same 
speech from Leo, he hung up his phone, "check please!" he resignedly 
asked the waitress as they stood up. "What's going down?" Josh asked 
Sammy. "I don't know, but Leo sounded pissed. Let's go."

How do I live? Part 14:

Samantha Chegwidden slowly sank down onto the couch, and rubbed her eyes. It 
had been exactly 12 hours since they had been called away from LaTours, and 
Sammy was beginning to wish she had never taken this job. What a nightmare. 
The Prime Minister of Kaman was busy spouting off about how America was a big 
bully, yadda, yadda, yadda, blah, blah, blah, so on and so forth. However, 
that was not the main problem. The fact that Senator Rivers was beating her 
door down, demanding to know why his daughter was emotionally abused at her 
hands, was the main problem. "Oh, man," she muttered to herself, realizing it 
was time for the morning press briefing. She stood, she was still wearing the 
cute black dress she had worn to dinner and she smiled wryly, wondering how 
that would go over with the press. 
"Good Morning, Ladies and Gentleman, First of all I would like to-"
"Ms.Chegwidden?" Sammy had to stop herself from flinching as she briefly 
closed her eyes. Everybody in the room could see that she was exhausted, and 
fully intended not to annoy her unless absolutely necessary. Well, almost 
everybody. "As I was saying before-" 
"Ms. Chegwidden, I was wondering if you could-"
"The President is tentatively scheduled to give a-"
"Ms.Chegwidden, why won't you answer my question? I am a respected member of 
the Press Corp. You have no right to ignore me!" her tone had grown whiny 
and everybody in the room was about ready to kill the wannabe reporter. 
"Kelly, if you would kindly wait-"
"I will not wait. I asked you a question, and I expect it to be answered. 
First amendment rights, you know. Now, answer my question!"
The reporters could not believe this. This brat had just told one of the 
foremost experts on the first amendment that she had to answer the question 
because of it? What the hell was she thinking? Danny was ready to kill the 
brat. "Ms. Rivers," he said coldly, "some of us have a column to put out so 
perhaps, you could let Sammy finish her sentence?" Sammy was grateful, and 
she continued," thank you, Danny. Now, as I was saying, The President is 
tentatively scheduled to give a press conference about relations with the 
Prime Minister of Kaman around noon. Now, shortly after that, we are 
scheduled to board Air Force One, and fly to Florida for the annual meeting 
of the Association of Economics Professors, to which the President has been 
invited as a guest of honor. Invitations for a ride on Air Force One will be 
extended to a select few among the press corps." she moved onto other things, 
and finished the press briefing, quickly. "Karen," she told her assistant, "I 
want to see Danny." Her assistant nodded and went to fetch him. When she got 
to her office, she virtually collapsed onto her couch, and closed her eyes. A 
knock sounded on the door, "that had better be Danny or the President. Anyone 
else, go away!" Danny stuck his head in her office, "you wanted to see me, 
"Danny, would you be greatly insulted if I didn't move during our little 
"No, Sammy, I wouldn't."
"Great, please have a seat." She didn't move when he picked up her feet, and 
then sat down where they had been, placing them in his lap. "Okay, Sammy, 
what'd ay' want?"
"I want Rivers out of my pressroom, or I want her to shut up." Suddenly, 
Sammy sat up, swinging her feet to the floor, "she's not allowed to do that, 
Danny, I don't like it when I'm interrupted more than once, by the same 
person. Especially not a brat like that kid. First amendment rights," Sammy 
snorted, "I wonder if she could even name all seven parts? Talk to her Danny, 
warn her that her position in MY pressroom is in danger and that she had 
better watch her back. She doesn't want to play hardball with me, Danny, 
she'll loose."
He nodded, "I'll pass that along," 
"Thank you, Danny." 
Someone else knocked on her door, almost immediately after Danny left. "Who 
is it?" she called. "Karen, I've got your suit." 
"Oh, bless you, Karen."
Sammy got up and changed, before heading out to the staff meeting. "Just 
another day at the white house," she muttered to herself. 



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