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Danny sat, stunned, as Sam looked at him, concerned. "Danny? Are you 
Danny looked up, "Yeah, I've, uh, got a story to go write, thanks Sam."
Danny quickly left Sam's office, leaving Sam shaking his head. Danny suddenly 
comes back in, "Gail. The goldfish. Where's Gail?"
Seeing Danny was on the verge of breaking down, Sam gently replied, "Her 
office, Danny. Her office."
Danny just nodded and left. Sam buried his head in his hands and bit back 
tears. "Why, Claudia Jean? Why?" he whispered to himself.

Samantha Chegwidden slowly entered the Oval office, taking a deep breath, 
"Sir? You wanted to see me?" 
President Bartlett's shoulders were heavy, with the weight of the world upon 
them. "Ah! Samantha, good to see you. I wish it could be under better 
circumstances," he said huskily.
"Yes, sir," she replied quietly, fighting tears.
"Samantha, I'd like you to become the new press secretary."
She bowed her head, before nodding, "Yes, sir," she whispered, "I would be 





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