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"Because I'm laughing or something and I'll remember, CJ's gone and I'll feel 
like I'm betraying her," she said, haltingly.
"CJ, wouldn't want you to feel like that, Sammy."
"I know." 

How do I live? Part-9:

"Samantha, can I come in?"
"Josh? Sure," he entered looking nervous, "good morning, Samantha."
"For Pete sake, Joshua, call me Sammy."
"Okay, Sammy, I just wanted to apologize for yesterday. I was out of line 
when I blamed you for saying what you said, and I am truly sorry."
"Josh, you da man!" she said with a smile on her face.
"CJ told you about that?"
"Oh, yeah!" she smiled, slyly, "I also heard about Sam and the boat, Doc and 
that bike ride, that press conference, oh, and 'President Bartlett's Secret 
Plan to Fight Inflation!" she burst out laughing.
Josh just smiled sheepishly, so she continued, " Gordon's fisherman, ring a 
bell, Joshua? You have such a weak system! Or how about-"
"Enough! Enough! I get the idea! And, for the record, I never said there was 
a secret plan to fight inflation!" at her dubious look, he continued, "I was 
joking! I was being sarcastic!"
"Sarcasm is the weapon of the weak, you know!" they both smiled, "just so you 
know, Josh, the next time you go into my pressroom, hell will have frozen 
over! Or Doc will have ordered me to let you in!" she said the jokingly, but 
he could tell she was serious.
"Okay," he said. 
"Well, Joshua, some of us have work to do. Why don't you go bug Donna? I'm 
sure she won't mind."
"Whatever, I know when I am not wanted, you Stanford freak, you!"
"For your information, Joshua, I attended the Academy! Not Stanford," she 
said Stanford like a dirty word.
"The Academy?" he asked, intrigued.
"The US Naval Academy, Joshua," she sighed, she really didn't want to talk 
about this.
"You were in the Navy? What'd you do?"
"I flew Tomcats, Josh. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a briefing."





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