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**Nightmares and Reality**
*Part 1*
Sammy sighed as she sank down onto her couch. This day had started out
badly. Very badly. She sighed again as she thought of her broken coffee
maker, her ripped skirt, and her aching shoulder, which she'd received when
she'd toppled down the stairs at her apartment this morning .Not to mention
she was still at odds with Sam. Then there was that incident with Toby this
morning. She frowned as she remembered that argument.
"Good morning, Samantha."
"Did you just call me Samantha?"
"Yes, I did."
"Okay. Why?"
"Because I am very *very* angry."
"Okay. What did I do?"
"You screwed up."
"I gathered that, Toby. now *how* did I screw up?" Sammy was quickly
loosing patience.
"You should know!"
"Well, I don't! Break it down for me!" She snapped angrily, having
completely lost her temper and very possibly, she thought, her mind.
"You brushed that question off!!"
"Which question? I brush a lot of questions!" They were both screaming
now and Sammy felt like her head was going to explode. Finally, she just gave
up, "Get the hell out of my office! Now!' Toby muttered angrily as he left.
Sammy frowned. "I need a nap," she said to herself, as she laid down,
pulling a blanket she kept there on top of herself, curling up and trying to
ignore the urge to cry.

When she awoke a moment later, she realized CJ was sitting in her chair.
"CJ?" She asked, her voice soft, her tone scared. "You're dead."
"And that means I can't be talking to you."
"Yeah, well, you are. And I'm very unhappy with you."
"What did I do to upset you?!?"
"You screwed up. Come on girl! Wake up and smell the roses! You're life
is in shambles! You've lost the respect of the press corps, Toby's pissed,
Sam's in love with Mallory, and you can't even walk down a set of stairs
without falling!"
"CJ..." Sammy felt tears slide down her face as her best friend
criticized her for what seemed like forever. She wanted to run, to get away
from this, but she couldn't move. She fought violently against the invisible
chains that held her there, but seemed to make no progress. Suddenly, she
felt someone shake her, and call her name. She fought against the hands that
held her, feeling trapped and alone.
"Help me!" she cried out desperately.
"Sammy! Wake up! Sammy!" Leo called her name and shook her, trying to
help her escape from her nightmare. Finally, it worked. Sammy sat straight up
and fought for breath. She sobbed, even as Leo slipped his arms around her
and held her against his chest.
"Ssh. It's okay, baby. You're safe."
"Oh, Lion. CJ... She was criticizing me, she said everything I was
doing was wrong, she said that I should get a different job." Leo had a hard
time understanding her. She was talking quickly and sounded somewhat

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Nightmares And Reality - 2



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