Disclaimer: Sammy's mine. Everyone else belongs to Aaron Sorkin.
Notes: Thanks to AJ for her inspiration for this fic.

**Nightmares and Reality- Part 2**

Leo was puzzled. Very puzzled. He'd come in here to talk to Sammy about
the briefing and had found her tossing and crying in her sleep. Sitting down
next to her, he'd tried to gently shake her awake but she'd struggled against
him and he was reminded of the nightmares she used to have when she was a
little girl and a teenager. She cried out in her sleep, asking him to help
her. He shook her a little harder, then called her name, hoping to wake her
and it worked. She sat straight up and began to sob. Leo frowned and pulled
her against his chest, holding her there as he stroked her hair gently and
tried to calm her down. "Sammy, baby, you're safe. Ssh. Ssh." She began to
talk, as if trying to explain her nightmare, but her words ran together and
Leo really couldn't understand what she was saying. "Sammy. Sammy, look at
me." He pulled away from her slightly and held her face in his hands, forcing
her to look at him. "You're safe. You're okay. Nobody's going to hurt you."
His words, spoken gently, helped to calm her and her breathing slowed. He
nodded, "Okay. Now, tell me what happened?"
"I had...A nightmare...And CJ was yelling at me...About Sam,
Mallory, Toby, and the press, and I couldn't escape from her and then she
told me that I should get a different job because I was wrecking Doc's
administration and..." she broke off as a fresh wave of tears fell down her
cheeks. Leo wiped them away gently and spoke softly, "Sammy. You're not
wrecking Jed's administration. Okay? And as for Toby, he's just like that.
You should know that by now." She just nodded and rested her head on his
shoulder, seeking comfort he'd given her before, in times past. He could feel
that she was still trembling and he desperately wished he could do something.
He was also wishing he could kill Sam.
"Am I really doing a good job?"
"Yeah, kid, you are."
"Okay." Sammy sniffled and allowed Leo to hold her a moment longer before
pulling away. "I'm sorry."
"You don't have anything to be sorry for, kid. Now," he smiled and
brushed a tear from her cheek, "Why don't you go *talk* to Toby and see if
you can't get this whole mess figured out."
"Okay." Sammy smiled weakly as she uncurled herself from her position on
the couch and stood. Time to talk to Toby.

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