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**Nightmares and Reality- Part 3**
By: AJ and Dallas

"Go away Ginger!" Toby screamed at his door.
Slowly opening it, Sammy peaked her head in, "It's me. I came to talk with
"Unless you've come to apologize for this morning, you can forget it." Toby
growled at the younger woman who was in the process of sitting down on his
"Apologize!?! Why should I be the one..." Sammy trailed off once she
realized what she was saying. She came to make amends with him, not start
World War III.
"Because you're the one that dodged that question!"
"Look, Toby. I didn't come in here to get into another shouting match with
you." Sammy fought desperately to keep anger and upset from her voice.
"Then why'd you come in here?" Toby's voice had yet to return to a normal
"Cause...cause...cause I'm sorry." Sammy muttered under her breath. "I
didn't mean to dismiss it, I just didn't have an answer for it."
Toby was watching the press secretary fidget around on his couch. He saw red
spots under her eyes, and gathered that she had been crying and her hair had
that trademark tousled look of hers, that indicated to anyone who knew her,
that she was upset and had been running her fingers through her hair. As if
to illustrate his point, she ran her fingers through her hair, looking
"You look like a mess, Sammy. What's wrong with you?"
"Huh?" Sammy was caught off guard.
"You look like a mess."
"I'm fine. Oh, the hell I am. I feel like a mess." Sammy replied with a hint
of tears thick in her tone.
"Want to talk about it?" Toby asked with concern in his voice.
"With you?"
"Sometimes I can be a very sweet guy, just don't let it get around." Toby
said as he brought a smile to Sammy's face.
Taking one deep breath, Sammy began. "I had a nightmare where CJ was telling
me how much of a screw up I am."
"CJ told you that? In a dream?" Toby made his voice as gentle as he knew
how, " Sammy, CJ would be proud of you. We all are."
"Then why did you yell at me and tell me just how much I screwed up?" Sammy
asked on the verge of another break down.
"I..." Toby stopped for a minute to think about what he was going to say.
"I think you are doing a great job. Everyone around here does.."
"It sure doesn't feel like it." Sammy muttered with tears in her eyes.
"Hey... are you going to be alright? Should I call someone?"
"I'm fine. But I have to go soon, I have a briefing in ten minutes. Just so
I don't upset you again, or screw up any worse... how would you like me to
address any questions on the trade bill? If they come up again."
"Don't worry about it. Are you sure you are going to be alright, Samantha?"
"That's the second time today you have called me Samantha." She said in an
annoyed tone.
Before Toby could respond, there was another knock at his door, and a few
seconds later, Ginger's head popped in. "Toby, you have a call on line 3."
"Tell whomever it is that I will call them back. I am busy right now." Toby
"No, take it. I've got to be going anyway." Sammy said as she rose from the
couch, turned on her heels, and left the office.


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