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**Nightmares and Reality- Part 4**

During the press briefing, Leo went into the Oval Office and had the
President watch it. Leo just had this feeling that there was more wrong with
Sammy than she was letting on. The thing was, he couldn't tell what it was.
Jed Bartlet always knew Sammy better than Leo had, so Leo was hoping that he
could figure out what, if anything was bothering the press secretary.
"And she told you what?" Jed asked his best friend with deep concern in his
"She said something about having a nightmare, and CJ was in it, telling her
how much she is screwing your administration up."
"You told her she's doing a better job than we could have dreamed of, right?"
"Of course. But she still seemed... I don't know. She seemed distant.
Like there was something else wrong." Leo said looking Jed in the eye.
"And as far as you know...?" Jed was trying to pry as much information as
he could, while watching Sammy's press briefing.
"She also mentioned something about a fight with Toby, and something about
Sam. I believe she fixed the thing with Toby. But still, there is something
else wrong with her, sir."
Suddenly, Jed shot up from his chair as he turned around and placed a hand on
his forehead. "Leo, what is today's date?"
"September 15, sir. Why?"
"Damnit!" Jed proclaimed as he left his office in search of his wife.

Finding his wife in her office, Jed quietly entered and sat down on her
couch. Abbey looked up from the papers she had been reading and saw the
heavy expression on her husband's face.
"What's wrong?" She asked as she got up from behind her desk to settle on
the couch with Jed.
"Today is the 15th of September..." Jed trailed off as he caught Abbey's
"Sammy... How's she doing?" Abbey immediately realized what was bothering
"Leo said she was having some nightmare earlier. She told him something
about CJ and how much of a screw up Sammy is... but..." Jed trailed off
once again.
"I completely forgot." Abbey leaned into her husband. "Where is she now?"
"She's putting the lid on right now." Jed pulled his wife closer into him.
"So... I'm thinking..."
"Yeah." Abbey replied before Jed could even finish.


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