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**Nightmares and Reality- Part 5**
By: AJ and Dallas

"I'm not here, leave a message at the door." Sammy cried from the couch
in her office. Jed, hearing the little girl that used to come to his house in
tears years ago, and not his press secretary, decided to enter. When he
entered the very dark room, he made out Sammy's figure on the couch, and so
he made his way over there. As soon as he got her to sit up, he sat down
next to her, and she nestled herself into him. "Abbey's getting a room in
the residence ready for you."
"Why?" Sammy sobbed.
"Because..." Jed began.
"Leo told you, didn't he?"
"He might have mentioned something about CJ, Toby, and Sam, and a
nightmare. But I'm thinking something else."
"Yeah, so am I." Sammy whispered.
"I heard that young lady. Now, come on, we're going to the residence
now. You're staying here tonight."
"I don't want to. I want to go home, and..." Sammy was interrupted by
a knock at the door, and then a few seconds later, Abbey entered.
"Sammy... ?" Abbey's voice was filled with grave concern.
"I don't want to stay in the residence, guys. I appreciate the offer,
but I'd rather just go home."
"You're not getting away from us that easy, munchkin." Abbey said as she
sat down on the other side of Sammy, and rested a hand on her back.
"I don't have any clothes or anything here with me. I have to go home."
Sammy was thinking of any excuse she could find.
"I can have Karen go get your things that you'll need." Jed replied.
"I have to..." Sammy couldn't think of any more excuses. "Look, you
two aren't always going to be there for me all the time..."
"But we are here for you now, Sammy. We are here for you now." Jed said
in a soothing manner.
"So come on, let's go get you settled into your room for the night, or
however long you need it." Abbey patted her back.
"If I agree to do this, will the two of you leave me alone?" Sammy
asked, already knowing the answer.
"Now why would we leave you alone? Huh? We love you too much to do
something like that." Jed helped her stand up.
"Yeah, I know." Sammy said as two different arms found themselves
wrapped around her.

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