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**Nightmares and Reality- Part 6**
By: AJ and Dallas

Sammy sighed as she collapsed on the couch. She just wanted a drink, she
wanted to make these memories go away.


USS Seahawk
August, 1990
Somewhere in the Persian Gulf
"Tower, this is seven-oh-four, coming in for an emergency landing. I have
sustained severe damage in my encounter with the two Iraqi MIGs. "Sammy took
a deep breath to clear her head and glanced back to look at her RIO, Snowman.
"I'll get us through this. I promise." He nodded, "I trust you, Charger."
"I'm gonna get you home to Diane. I swear." Sammy felt nothing but her
confidence in knowing she was one of the best damn pilots in the Navy.
"Seven-oh-four, you are cleared to land. Bring it home, Charger." Sammy
smiled and dropped her tail-hook. The sounds of beeping filled the cockpit
and Sammy swore softly, "Damn it! Tower, I have lost both engines. Repeat, I
have lost both engines." She fought to regain control of her plane as they
careened towards the carrier deck. There were people on that deck. She
couldn't crash a plane into it.
"Punch out! Damn it, Charger, get out of that plane!!" The sounds of the
CAG, screaming for her to eject pounded in Sammy's ear and she pulled her
fuse, popping the canopy, moments before the Tomcat slammed into the deck.
Sammy felt the sharp impact as she collided with the deck and heard something
in her knee pop. She felt the intense heat of the explosion and had only one
thought in her mind, "Snowman?" She murmured softly to a young Marine who had
run to assist her.
"He's been taken to sick bay. Ma'am." The Marine tried to calm the
anxious Naval Aviator and was touched by her immediate concern for her RIO.
She nodded and tried to ignore the intense pain in her knee. She looked at
the Marine and blinked as his face swam in front of her eyes. Her last
thought before she blacked out was, 'I lost another damn plane.'
Sammy lay unconscious in sick bay for 12 hours before they could arrange
for transportation to Bethesda Naval Hospital, and she was choppered into
Washington at 3 am, where she was met by an anxious Jed and Abigail Bartlet.
Drifting in and out of a hazy world, Sammy learned that her knee was blown
completely. She would never fly again.


She made no attempt to wipe away the tears that freely streamed down her
face as she stared out of the window in her office. The lawn was dark, the
mood peaceful. She knew that Abbey and Jed would have her head if they found
her in her office. She shivered with cold and snuggled down into her couch,
wishing she had brought a blanket with her. Suddenly, she felt the warmth of
a heavy down comforter placed around her shoulders. She looked up and saw Jed
standing with a small frown on his face. "Hey, Doc." She whispered softly.
"What are you doing up? Did you have a nightmare?" He settled down next
to her and wrapped his arms around her, holding her close.

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Nightmares And Reality - 7



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