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Okie, folks, here ya go. AJ wrote it 'cause she got fed up with my busy life
and me never having anytime to write :) Sammy belongs to me. Sorry about the
looooong amount of time in between parts, school just started and life is
hectic to say the least. Big fat thanks to AJ who helped me write the darn
thing :)
Notes~ Okay, the whole flashback thing could get confusing because I have a
flashback inside a flashback. I hope I made it easy to understand :) Feedback
is greatly appreciated.

**Nightmares and Reality- Part 7**
By: AJ and Dallas

Jed awoke with a start, feeling in his bones something wasn't right.
Slipping out of bed as quietly as he could, he walked down to the room they'd
given Sammy. Slowly opening the door, Jed sighed in frustration as he saw her
bed was empty. He'd bet his Presidency that she was in her office. Moving
into her room, he grabbed the comforter off her bed and walked down towards
her office.
He opened the door and watched her carefully as she shivered and wrapped
her arms around herself. Moving over to the couch, he gently placed the heavy
down quilt around her shoulders. He frowned slightly as she turned and looked
up at him. "Hey, Doc." She whispered softly.
"What are you doing up? Did you have a nightmare?" He settled down next
to her and wrapped his arms around her, holding her close.
"No... I never fell asleep."
"Oh, baby." Jed tightened his arms around her and rocked her slowly back
and forth. She slowly drifted off to sleep and he slowly drifted back in
Bethesda Naval Hospital
August, 1990
Jed smiled weakly and gently stroked Sammy's hair away from her forehead.
He sighed. After the POW incident last year, he'd thought she was dead. Then
he'd gotten her back and now this. The words of the doctor echoed through his
brain, "She'll never fly again." He shook his head and stared off into space,
feeling horrible. He still remembered the last words he'd spoken to Sammy.

United States Naval Academy
Graduation Ceremony
June, 1986

"Sammy!" Zoey Bartlet threw herself at her favorite babysitter.
"Zoey!" Sammy laughed as she drew the girl into a bear hug and kissed the
top of her head. "How are ya, kid?"
"Good! That graduation was soooooo cool! You're really gonna go fly
planes, Sammy?"
"Uh, yeah, I am." Sammy peaked a glance at Doc and realized he did not
look happy. She sighed. 'Damn it, I want to fly. Why doesn't he understand
that?' She asked herself, silently.
"Congratulations, Dear." Abbey moved to hug her and Sammy accepted the
comfort greatfully.
"Thanks, Abbey." She pulled back and looked at Jed, who still had a small
frown on his face. He moved forward and hugged her stiffly. "I'm proud of
you," he said softly, trying to hide his fear and anger. Sammy pulled back,
"Are you?"
"Yes, I am," Jed tried to keep his voice from shaking, praying he
wouldn't let her know how scared he was. He did the only thing he could to
mask it. He got angry.
"Then why have you been frowning the entire day?"
"Sammy..." Jed struggled to find the right words, "I am proud. I'm also
"You don't want me to fly." Sammy fought to keep the hurt out her voice,
"You don't think I can do it."
"Sammy, that's not it!" Jed was growing more and more frustrated with
every word he spoke.
"Then what?!?!"
"I don't want you to end up dead, like my father!"
"Doc! I'm not going to die!"
"Yeah!?!? That's what he told my mother!" He responded angrily.
"Damn it, if I die defending my country it will be an honor!"
"What good is honor if you're dead?!?" Jed was full out shouting now and
Abbey was glad they were alone in the room.
"Doc, I want to fly! Why can't you support that!"
"Because I don't want you dead!"
"Why do you care?" Sammy flung the words at him, regretting the action
"God, help me, after all you've put me through, I don't know!!!" Jed
instantly knew he'd gone too far when Sammy's eyes filled with tears as she
recoiled and started to back out of the room. He took a step forward, trying
to find the words to apologize but Sammy just shook her head, "Well, Mr.
Bartlet, sir, I'm sorry if I've been a burden to you. Good Afternoon." Sammy
voice was as hard as steel and her eyes flashed with an anger Jed had seen
only twice in all the time he'd known her. Without another word, she nodded
at Abbey and Zoey, turned on her heel, and left, striding with the confidence
of a Naval officer, secure in the knowledge she was one of the best.
Jed sighed as he remembered those words. He wished that he'd never spoken
them, that he hadn't opened his mouth that day. Sammy didn't know he was here
and he wasn't sure how she'd react when she woke up. As if on cue, her eyes
opened slowly, "Doc?"
"Yeah, Samantha, it's me." He sofly stroked her hair and prayed she
didn't hate him.
"Oh, Daddy." She began to cry softly, and he felt his heart break. He'd
once told her if she wanted to, she could call him Dad, but she never had.
Until, now.
"Ssh. It's okay, sweetheart. You'll be okay."
"I can't fly. How can it be okay?"
"I don't know."
Jed was jerked back to the present when Sammy whimpered softly. He
tightened his arms and tried to calm her.






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