By: Dallas and DC

***West Wing belongs to Aaron Sorkin, et al. No copyright infringement 
intended. Please don't sue!
KD Brody is property of DC. Sammy is property of Dallas. 
Summary: CJ brings an old friend to the White House and finds a few 
Rating: PG for some language. 
This story takes place in the KD universe, before WKODHIB, and before the 
stories "How do I live?" and "Reporters, Romance, and Bartlet". This story 
may be archived but, please tell us where.
Comments welcome, please no flames***

Part One:
CJ and Sammy walked down the hall towards CJ's office. Suddenly, Sammy 
crashed into someone. "Ohff!" they both exclaimed, sprawling backwards. Once 
they had gotten back up on their feet, CJ began to introduce them, "Sammy, 
I'd like-"
"Kathryn Dylan Brody? Is that you?" Sammy cried. KD nodded, a smile on her 
"Sammy!" she exclaimed 
"You guys know each other?" CJ asked, confused.
"Of course. We grew up together. I was on one side of Joss, she was on the 
other." KD spoke, playfully nudging Sammy in the arm.
CJ whirled to Sammy, "You know the President?"
Sammy shrugged uncomfortably, "Yeah, doc and I were close. Once upon a time."
CJ was getting angry, "and you never told me this?"
Sammy and KD were both getting uncomfertable, "look, CJ, we grew up together, 
that's all. No biggie."
KD tried to calm the woman down. Sammy was suddenly very glad of the SS 
agents down the hall. CJ wouldn't murder her with witnesses. Would She?




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