TITLE: All Over Again
CATEGORY: Jed/Abbey, new character
SUMMARY: "I never thought we'd be doing this all over again". Sequel to "Family".
AUTHOR: Eunice
ARCHIVE: Sure, just let me know.

This is the sequel to "Family". It takes place about a month later.

Part 1

CJ watched as the White House Press Corp readied themselves for what they thought was going to be a routine press conference. She couldn't help but smile as she looked down at the last section of her notes, the section that contained The Big News.

At noon exactly she took her place at the podium. She breezed through the routine material, anxious for the end. "And finally, the White House has some very exciting and unexpected news to announce." She smiled at the confused and anxious looks on their faces. "The President and First Lady are happy to announce that they are expecting their fourth child, around the beginning of August, in about five months.

It took a minute for the news to sink in, but when it did the pressroom erupted in questions. CJ knew what they all wanted to ask and decided to let Danny ask it.


"CJ, did the President and Mrs. Bartlet plan for this?"

"No this was a surprise to them both, but they were thrilled by the news."

CJ decided to take one more question before ending the briefing. "Chris."

"Any word on the baby's sex?"

"I don't know, if the President and First Lady know, they haven't told me. That's all for now." CJ added as she departed the podium.


Jed smiled as he turned off the television in the Residence. "CJ did great."

"She always does." Abbey said, leaning against him.

Jed wrapped his arm around her waist. "I never thought we'd be doing this all over again."

"Neither did I."

Jed groaned as he looked down at his watch. "I have to get back to work."

"Me too."

They left the Residence and went to their separate offices. As Jed approached the Oval Office he could see CJ waiting for him.

"Hey CJ, you did good out there."

"Thank you sir. Do you have a free minute?"

"Sure, come on in."

CJ took a seat on the couch. "I have a fairly large problem, my deputy press secretary just quit."

"He didn't give you any warning?"

"Nope. After I finished the noon briefing he told me he was quitting. Just like that."

Jed sat down across from CJ. "Well, start interviewing people as soon as you can."

"Yes sir, what should I do until I find a replacement?"

A thought suddenly occurred to Jed. "Ask Meggie if she can give you a hand, she's worked in advertising. Come to think of it, didn't you two work together a little during the campaign?"

"Yes. That's a good idea, but do you think she'll want to do it?"

"I'll try to talk her into it, as long as its only temporary I'm sure she'll want to help you."

"Thank you sir." CJ said, relieved.

"No problem."

CJ left the Oval Office and headed toward the Residence. She decided that it would be best if she asked Meghan herself, instead of using the President as a go between. When CJ entered the Residence she immediately saw Meghan crawling around on the floor with her daughters.

"Hey CJ, how's it going?" Meghan asked, getting to her feet.

"Not too great, my deputy press secretary just up and quit."

"I'm sorry."

"Thanks, would you be interested in giving me a hand until I find a replacement?" She looked hesitantly at CJ. "It would only be for a little while, and I would really appreciate it."

"Sure, why not?" Meghan finally responded.

"Thank you so much." CJ paused and looked down at the baby near her feet.

"This is Kathryn, right?"

"Yes, they are exactly eight months old today." Kathryn looked curiously up at CJ and held up her small arms. "Go ahead and pick her up."

"Ok." CJ awkwardly lifted the little girl into her arms. "Hi there."

"CJ, that's a baby, not a bomb." Jed remarked jokingly, from the doorway.

"Yes sir, I know that. I just don't have a lot of practice at this."

"When do you want me to start?" Meghan asked CJ.

"Is Monday possible?"


"So I guess you don't need my help after all." Jed remarked, dejectedly.

"No sir but thanks anyway."

Meghan looked confused. "Help with what?"

"I wasn't sure if you'd want to help me, so the President said he'd help convince you."

"Oh, okay." Meghan said with a smile.


On Monday morning Meghan entered CJ's office at exactly seven o' clock.

End Part 1
To be continued....



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