TITLE: All Over Again
Part 2
"Morning CJ." Meghan remarked cheerfully.
"Good morning. Are you ready to get started?"
"I suppose, I haven't worked in a while. You're going to have to tell me what you want done."
"No problem." CJ motioned her around to the back of her desk and began explaining what she wanted done.
CJ was beyond thrilled with her new deputy. Meghan had proven herself to be a quick learner and an extremely efficient and careful worker. Within a month she was handling minor press briefings with the same poise and ease as CJ.
One morning CJ was sitting in her office going through a stack of memos when the President walked into the room. "How's the hunt for a new deputy going?"
She got to her feet. "I've interviewed a few people, all qualified candidates, but they all had one common flaw...they weren't as good as Meg. Do I really have to give her up? Could you possibly talk her into taking the job permanently?"
"What? Look CJ, if you really think she's qualified for the job you are free to discuss it with her. That's between the two of you."
"You really don't mind?"
"No, like I said, it's your decision, you're the one who has to work with her, not me."
"Thank you sir."
"No problem."
It was the afternoon before a state dinner and Meghan was briefing the press on the details of the occasion. Such as, who would be wearing what, and the types of food that would be served, along with a few other questions that seemed pointless to CJ.
After the briefing CJ called Meghan into her office. "Meg, how'd you like to be the permanent deputy press secretary?"
She sat down on the couch and considered the proposition for several moments. "I thought you were interviewing people for the job."
"None of them were as good as you."
"Are you sure about this?"
"Yes, I really want you to stay on as my deputy."
"Alright, I'll stay."
"Thank you." CJ hugged her tightly.
"Your welcome."
"Are you going to the dinner tonight?"
"Yep. I get to spend a whole night with grown ups. It's a new experience for me." Meghan laughed lightly.
CJ sat down next to her. "How's Abbey, I haven't seen her a few days."
"She's fine. When I left she was trying on her dress for tonight to make sure it still fit."
CJ laughed softly. "Did it fit?"
"Yes, but in another week or so it isn't going to. So it's a good thing this is tonight." Suddenly Meghan happened to glance at the calendar behind CJ's desk and was overcome with the feeling that she had forgotten something important.
CJ saw the strange look take over Meghan features. "Meggie, what's wrong?
"What's the date today?" She asked in a voice that didn't sound quite right.
"The twenty-third? Why?"
Meghan put her hand on her chest. "Today's my anniversary...three years." She angrily brushed away the tears that made their way down her face.
CJ put her arm around Meghan's shoulders. "Do you want to talk?"
"When Aliya started to crawl I was so proud and excited, I got out the camera and started snapping pictures and praising her. But then I realized that something was missing. Every happy moment I've had in the past nine months has been tempered by the fact that he isn't here to share them with me. He never got to see his daughters roll over for the first time, smile for the first time, hell, he never even got to see his daughters at all. He won't be here to see to see them take their first steps or to hear them say their first words. I'm doing this all by myself and I always feel his absence, some times are more acute than others, but it's always there in the back of my mind. I'm here to watch our babies grow up and he isn't." She took a deep breath and laid her head on CJ's shoulder. "I'm afraid that I'll never truly be happy again, that I won't have what it takes to be both mother and father to these girls."
CJ was at a loss for words, she had no idea how to comfort the woman next to her. "Meg, Stuart will always be with you. It's going to get easier eventually, and as for your kids, I've seen you with them, you've got what it takes.... Don't forget, you're not alone; you've got friends and family all around you. We're here for you when you need us."
"Thanks." She hugged CJ. "I'm going to go get ready for tonight. I'll see you there."

End Part 2
To be continued....



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