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By: Eunice

As the senior staff took their places around the Oval Office Jed walked toward his desk and took a seat on the edge. He wracked his brain, trying to come up with an articulate way to announce his news, but all he could come out with was, "Everybody shut up, I have an important announcement to make." He waited until the room was entirely quiet and said, "A few days ago my wife gave me some very surprising and unexpected news. It wasn't' something that we planned for, but sometimes things just happen." He paused for a moment, piquing the curiosity of everyone except Leo. "Abbey's pregnant."

They all looked at each other, trying to verify that they'd all heard the same thing. After a few moments of this Josh awkwardly said, "Congratulations sir." The others followed suit soon after.

"Thank you."

"Sir, when would you like me to tell the press?" CJ asked.

"Well, I'd like to tell the rest of my family first. I think we can wait a few weeks on the press."

"Yes sir."


Later that night Jed, Abbey, and Meghan were in the Residence playing with Kathryn and Aliya. Abbey had called Zoey, and she was expected at any minute.

"Hey everybody. How's it going?" Zoey asked, upon entering the room.

"Hey Zoey." Meghan said.

"Sit down, we need to talk to you." Abbey said.

"Is something wrong?" Zoey asked worriedly.

"No...we just have some surprising news to tell you." Jed added.

She waited for a moment and when neither Jed nor Abbey said anything Zoey asked, "What is it?"

"Well...you're going to have a little brother...I'm pregnant." Abbey said cautiously.

"That's great mom! Do you know for sure that it's a boy?"

"I'm glad you're happy and yes I'm sure it's a boy."

"Isn't this dangerous for you mom?"

"Yes, it is. But I'm going to be very careful. Everything is going to be fine."

"Okay." Zoey then turned to her father. "You're not going to name him Josiah Bartlett Jr. are you?"

"God, no." Abbey said, before Jed had a chance to respond.

"Good." Just then Aliya crawled into Jed's lap and laid her head down.

"Meg, I think it's bed time for this one." Jed said, gently touching his granddaughter's head.

"Yep, looks like it." Meghan got up to put her in bed, but Jed waved her away.

"I'll do it. God knows I need a refresher course in this."

"Thanks daddy. Hey mom, have you told Lizzie yet?"

"Yes. I talked to her earlier today. She, Kimmie and Annie are coming down for a few days next weekend."

"How old is Kimmie now?" Zoey asked.


"It'll be nice to see them. We can have a little family reunion." Abbey suggested.


The day that Elizabeth was supposed to arrive Meghan was getting the twins dressed when she heard her mother in the bathroom getting sick. She laid the babies in their playpen and went to check on Abbey. When she got to the bathroom she saw Abbey sitting on the floor against the wall.

"You okay mom?" Meghan asked, sitting next to her mother and handing her a damp washrag.

"I think it's passed now, I just need to lay down. She said, placing the cloth on her forehead.

Meghan gently helped Abbey to her feet and led her to the couch where she drifted off to sleep a few moments later. Meghan then went to get the twins out of their playpen and found that they had also fallen asleep. So she decided to head down the West Wing, but before she could leave the Residence Elizabeth, Annie, and Kimmie entered the room followed closely by Zoey.

"Hey Meggie! God, it's great to see you. How are you?" Elizabeth said, wrapping her arms around her little sister.

"I'm doing ok. How about you?"

"I'm great. Where's mom?"

"She's asleep. Don't wake her up."

"Ok. Where are my new little nieces?"

"Also sleeping."

"Of course I had to come at nap time." Elizabeth mock-pouted.

"Do you mind if I take Zoey, Annie, and Kimmie shopping? If we stay here Kimmie will end up waking everyone."

Just then Kimmie spoke up, "I don't want to shopping. Can I stay with Aunt Meggie? Please."

"That's fine." Meghan told her sister.

"You sure?"

"Yes. Go on, have a good time, we'll be fine." With that they left the room.

Meghan was about to suggest that they go watch television in her bedroom, when two crying babies were heard in the background. Meghan scooped up her daughters and they immediately quieted and stared at Kimmie with wonder. "Kimmie, I have an idea, let's take these two and go visit grandpa."

"Yeah!" The little girl exclaimed.

Meghan made her way slowly to the Oval Office, it was a tiring trip with a baby on each hip, but when they finally made it Kimmie rushed in the door and flung herself at the President.

"Grandpa!" Jed lifted the delighted little girl into his arms and twirled her in the air. Just then Meghan turned her head to the side and noticed the vice president sitting on the couch.

"I didn't mean to interrupt anything, we can come back later."

Jed was so engrossed in spinning Kimmie he didn't seem to hear his daughter's statement. So Hoynes responded instead, "It's alright you're not interrupting. We're just waiting for a call. Come have a seat, you look tired."

"Thanks." She took a seat near him on the couch and placed a baby on each side of her. Kathryn immediately crawled into the vice president's lap and started to pull on his tie. Meghan moved to stop her, but Hoynes motioned her away.

"She's not hurting anything...How are you?"

"I'm doing good. I've been..." Just then the phone began to ring. "Kimmie. Come over here." Kimmie hopped onto the couch next to the vice president as Jed picked up the phone.

"Hi. I'm Kimmie. Who are you?"

"I'm John. How are you?"

"I am fine. Do you know that my grandma has a baby in her tummy?"

"Yes I do. Are you excited about that?"

"Yes." Just then Kimmie face formed into a deeply thoughtful expression. Hoynes and Meghan could both see the question before it was asked and they exchanged amused glances. After a long moment Kimme looked up at Hoynes and asked, "How did they baby get in grandma's tummy?"

They both broke into simultaneous fits of laughter causing Jed to give them an irritated glance. The president then said goodbye to whoever he was speaking with and hung up the phone. "What are you two laughing at?"

Instead of answering him, Meghan looked at Hoynes and then motioned toward Jed. Hoynes turned to Kimmie and said, "That's a question you should ask your grandpa."

Kimmie scampered over to Jed and crawled into his lap. "Grandpa?"


"How did the baby get in grandma's tummy?" The look on Jed's face was priceless and Meghan and Hoynes both began laughing once again.

"Ask your mother." He replied at length. "Would you two be quiet." He said, shooting an annoyed look at Meghan and Hoynes.

"Sorry." They replied simultaneously.

"I need to talk to John now. Tell Abbey that I should be done by seven tonight... Where is Elizabeth anyway?"

"I'll tell mom. Liz and Zoey took Annie shopping." Meghan replied, picking up the twins and heading towards the door. "Bye guys, have a good day. Kimmie, come on." All four headed out of the oval office and back to the residence.

Abbey was wide-awake when they got back and Kimmie immediately ran to her. "Grandma!"

"Hey sweetie. Where's your mom?"

"She and Annie went shopping with Aunt Zoey. Can I watch cartoons?"

"Sure." Abbey found some cartoons on television and shortly there after Kimmie was totally absorbed in the show.

"Where did you go?" Abbey asked Meghan.

"We went to visit dad. It was quite an interesting experience. He was in with the vice president and somewhere in the course of Kimmie conversation with him she asked him how the baby got in her grandma's tummy."

"Oh god." Abbey said, burying her head in her hands. "How did he react?"

"Well after he stopped laughing he told her to ask dad, who in turn told her to ask her mother."

"Ok. Well I guess it could've been worse."


At seven thirty that night the whole family sat down to dinner together savoring these rare moments of having everyone together.








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