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By: Eunice

The next five months passed rapidly, Meghan recovered quickly and Kathryn and Aliya were growing bigger each day. Meghan had decided that she wasn't moving back to Dallas, she planned to stay in Washington. She intended to go back for the weekend and tie up all the loose ends. Jed was worried about her returning, he thought it would be too much for her to handle. Since he and Abbey were babysitting he decided to send Josh with her. Jed knew that Josh and Meghan had been friends since they had met during the campaign and since Meghan had arrived in Washington Josh had always been there to help her whenever she needed it.
Jed was sitting in the Oval Office Friday morning when he reached this decision. He was waiting for Josh to arrive so he could tell him the plan. A moment later there was a knock on the door and Josh entered the room.
"You wanted to see me sir?"
"Yes, have a seat." Josh took a seat on one of the couches. "I need you to do me a huge favor. Meggie is going to Dallas for the weekend and I want you to go with her."
"Why me?"
"Because I don't want her to go by herself, and you two seem to get along well."
"Won't the Secret Service be with her?"
"Yes, but that's not what I mean. Could you please just do this for me?"
"Yes sir. Does Meg know about this?"
"No, but you're going whether she wants you to or not."
"Josh, thank you. A car will pick you up at seven tomorrow morning and you'll come back Monday morning so have Donna clear your schedule for then."
"Yes sir." Josh then got up and left the office.


Later that night Jed was helping Meghan put the babies to bed when a thought occurred to him. "Meggie, do you realize that they're exactly five months old today?"
"I know. Isn't that unbelievable, it seems like just yesterday they were tiny babies."
After lying Kathryn down Jed noticed a sad look pass across Meghan's features as she gently placed Aliya in her bed. He put his arm around her shoulders and led her out of the room. When they entered the living room they both took seats on the couch.
"Meggie. Josh is going with you to Dallas tomorrow."
"Ok." She replied, absentmindedly.
"Are you sure you want to go back there?" He asked, his voice laden with worry.
"I don't have a choice. I need to clean out my office at the ad agency, get whatever I want out of the house, and sign some papers. I've never even seen where he's buried. I have to go."
"Alright." He acquiesced.
Just then Abbey entered the room and sat down. "Meg, that's the second time you've worn that this week, didn't I pack up enough clothes for you?"
"When you were packing my clothes, did you happen to look at what you were packing?"
"Not really, I was in a hurry. Why?"
"A lot of them were maternity clothes, they're a little big now. When I go back I have to get more clothes that fit and then I'll pack up all my maternity clothes." Meg said. "Unless you're planning on having another baby." She added jokingly.
Abbey gave off a brief laugh. "Yeah right, I thought I'd try to cram one more in before I get too old." She replied, sarcastically. She then turned to Jed. "Let's go to bed."
He was about to tell her that he wasn't tired, but then he caught the suggestive look in her eyes. He rose hurriedly from the couch. "Good idea, night Meggie."
They both walked quickly out of the living room into their bedroom. Jed had Abbey halfway undressed before the door closed. They hurriedly backed up toward their bed.


The next morning Meghan and Josh left for Dallas. When they arrived at her home a tall, well-dressed man greeted them.
"Richard!" Meg exclaimed as she hugged him warmly. "You didn't have to meet me here."
"I wanted to. Who's that?" He asked, indicating Josh.
"Josh Lyman, meet Richard Jeffries, Richard was my boss when I worked in advertising."
"Josh, nice to meet you." The two men shook hands. "You're really not coming back?"
"Nope. I'm staying in D.C."
"I brought all your stuff from your office. But, I can't stick around, I have a meeting."
"Goodbye and thank you for everything."
"Goodbye." They hugged one last time and Richard drove away.


Josh spent most of the day watching football on TV while Meghan spent the day with lawyers and real estate agents trying to settle the estate and get her house sold. Later that night Josh helped her pack up all her clothes and everything else she wanted to take back to Washington with her.
Josh awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of splashing from outside his window. He groggily walked over to the open window and looked out, below him he saw a large swimming pool and Meg swimming laps. He debated whether or not to go down and talk to her, eventually settling on yes. When he got down the pool she climbed out of the water to greet him. As she approached he couldn't help but notice her appearance, she was wearing a small black bikini that looked fantastic on her thin body. He was having a hard time believing that she'd recently had twins; her body sure didn't show it. When she got closer he could see the two scars on her chest, he quickly averted his eyes from her breasts and they sat down at the table near the pool.
"It's late, why are you up?" Meg asked.
"It's 2 am why are you swimming?" Josh retaliated.
"Couldn't sleep, I can't sleep in that bed alone. I tried to sleep in another bedroom, but I couldn't do that either. So I decided to go for a swim."
"Oh. This house is incredible. How many bedrooms does it have?"
Meghan then looked down at her stomach. "This bathing suit shows every scar on by body." She commented.
He then looked down at her lap and saw the c-section incision on her abdomen. "Do you want to talk? I'm here if you do."
"I just miss him so much. Once the house is sold and the estate settled I'll have more money than I could ever need and I don't give a damn. I just want Stuart back. This isn't fair." Josh lightly squeezed her one of her hands as she brushed away tears with the other.
They sat in silence for a long while, finally returning to their beds near dawn.


The next day Meghan went to visit Stuart's grave. Josh offered to go with her, but she said no. She returned about two hours later and started cooking them dinner. They both went to bed after dinner and the next morning they were back in Washington.


A few weeks later Meghan noticed that Abbey wasn't feeling well. It took her three days of begging and prodding to get her mother to see a doctor, but she finally did. The afternoon after Abbey had her appointment she and Meghan were playing with the twins on the floor in Abbey's office when the phone rang. Abbey snatched it quickly off the cradle.
"Mrs. Bartlett?" Asked the voice on the other end.
"I'm calling from Dr. London's office. We have your blood test results in."
"What's wrong with me?" She asked worriedly.
"What do you mean? I feel terrible."
"You're pregnant." When Abbey heard those words all the color drained from her face and she took a seat on her desk. Meghan became worried by her mother's appearance and walked over to her. Abbey motioned for Meghan to put her ear up to the phone.
"Um, could you repeat that please, I'm not sure I heard you right."
"Congratulations Mrs. Bartlett, you're pregnant." Meghan stepped back from the phone and looked at her mother incredulously.
"Wow. Thank you for calling me so quickly."
"You're welcome. You need to call and make an appointment with your ob/gyn doctor as soon as possible."
"I will. Thanks."
"Goodbye." Abbey then hung up the phone and turned to Meghan.
"Mom, you okay?"
"Yes. I'm just a little shocked, that's all."
"I can believe that. I take it then this wasn't a planned event." She said with a short giggle.
Abbey shot her daughter a dirty look. "No, of course not."
"It was a joke. How are you going to tell dad? Oh, bye the way, congratulations."
"Thank you sweetie. I'll just have to break it to him very gently, he'll be happy, it'll just take him a while to adjust." Their conversation was interrupted by a baby's cry.
"It's their nap time." Meghan said to her mother.
"I'll give you a hand."
"Thanks. Just think, both you and dad have had plenty of recent practice with babies."


Later that night Abbey was soaking in a warm bath, waiting for Jed to return from the office. She was relaxing with her eyes closed when she felt a hand brush her cheek. Her eyes fluttered open.
"Mind if I join you?" Jed asked.
"Not at all, there's plenty of room." A few moments later he climbed into the bath with her.
"How was your day?" He asked.
"Fine. Yours?"
"Long. Is everything okay? You seem worried."
She debated about how to tell him, settling on straight out. "I'm pregnant." She said, leaning her head against his chest. She felt him jerk slightly.
"Huh?" He replied, looking down at her.
"We're going to have another baby."
"Wow. How did this happen."
Abbey let out an exasperated sigh. "The same way it happened the other three times."
"Oh, right, of course." He stammered. "Wow. This is really unexpected."
"Yes dear I know that...I have a doctor's appointment Thursday afternoon, so clear your schedule."
"Okay...I love you. How do you feel?"
"I love you too. I feel much better than I did this morning." Jed wrapped his arms around her and pressed his lips to hers.
"Did you ever think we'd be doing this again?" He asked, touching his fingers to her stomach.
"No...this is a good thing right?" She asked, full of uncertainty.
"Of course. This is wonderful." His face then filled with worry. "How dangerous is this for you?"
"There is a fairly high risk factor to having a baby at my age, but I going to be very careful and I'm sure you and Meggie will be harping over me at every moment."
"Yes we will. Do the girls know?"
"Meggie does, I made her listen on the phone when the doctor's office called because I thought I was delusional."
He laughed lightly. "When should we tell everyone else?"
"After I have my amnio, I want to make sure the baby is okay first."
"I know this is going to sound dumb, but what exactly is an amnio?"
"It's a test that looks at the baby's genetics to make sure everything is okay."


That Friday Abbey and Meghan were in the Residence when Abbey got a call from her doctor's office.
"Abbey, it's Kate."
"Hey Kate, did you get the results?"
"Yes, and everything is fine."
"Thank God." Abbey gave Meggie a thumbs up and she smiled at her mother.
"So, do you want to know the sex?"
"Um, hold on." She turned to Meggie. "Do I want to know the sex?"
"I want to know. I don't know if you do or not."
Abbey turned her attention back to the phone. "Okay, Kate, tell me."
"You sure."
"It's a boy."
"No problem." Abbey hung up the phone.
"So?" Meg asked.
"It's a boy."
"Wow. Dad's going to go nuts."
"Yep, he'll be thrilled."


Abbey called Jed and told him that everything was okay, but she also told him that she hadn't found out the baby's sex. He was disappointed, but glad that everything was okay. Later Abbey was lying on their bed when Jed got home from work.
"How do you feel?"
"Tired. I got you a present."
"Just go open your closet." She said with a slight smile. He slowly walked across the room and opened the closet door. Sitting in the middle of the floor was a large blue teddy bear wearing a white T-shirt with 'It's a Boy' printed across it. Jed picked up the bear and carried it out of the closet.
"You said you didn't find out the sex."
"I wanted to surprise you."
"This is fantastic!" He exclaimed, hugging her. "I love you."
"Me too." They kissed and Abbey reached over and turned off the light.


The next day Jed and Leo were sitting in the Oval Office, it was ten minutes before a senior staff meeting.
Something about the President's behavior seemed odd to Leo. "Sir is something going on?"
"Yes, actually it is."
"Do you want to tell me about it."
Jed paused momentarily, "Abbey's pregnant...we're going to have a little boy."
Leo just stared at him for a long moment before saying, "That's great, sir."
"Thanks Leo."
"Are you going to tell the staff now?"
"Yes." Just then the entire senior staff filed into the Oval Office.

The End...for now



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