Hey I am pretty new to this but I got an Idea from all the stories that I have read. Please Respond to me and let me know what you think!

Disclamer:There not mine They belong to NBC.Dont own Make a wish so please don't SUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charcters I do own Elisabeth,Linda,Jake...There will be some later Oh and if I screw up some things please bear with me this is my first Fan Fic

It was a same old same old day at the White House. CJ was in her office when her phone rang. "Yes" CJ said with a tired tone in her voice. "Carol you could have just come in and told me that! Ok,thanks" CJ pressed a few buttons on her phone. "Hello this is CJ Cregg How can I help You?" a soft voice on the other end replied

"Yes My name Is Linda James I am the president of the Make A wish Foundation Of North Carolina. I was wondering if I could take some of your time if you some free time on your hands?" CJ fumbled through her ajenda for The Day. CJ said without hesitation "yes I have some free time right now I don't have anything to do for about an hour or two." Linda's voice became a little more confident while the Two talked. "Yes Linda I would be more than happy to meet her,So let me get a pen so I can write the info down." CJ fumbled for a pen "AH! got one, So her name is Elisabeth Dawn she is 15 and lives in Charlotte?" Linda says " Yes, Now CJ listen She has a rare lung decese called mesothelioma. she has had it for about a year. She is such a sweet girl she dances and sings does alot for her age you will really like her." CJ says " I cant wait, So 2 weeks from today she will be here?" Linda In a rush says "yes and I will be there to. Listen I hate to break our conversation short but I have to go i will call you in about 3 days with all the info ok?" "ok Linda and thanks for Calling me."


"Hey Elisabeth!" a voice came from her door " Elisabeth Linda is on the phone!"

"Ok hold on Dad I will Get it in here!'

Elisabeth Reaches for her Cordless phone "Hey Linda.....WHAT?!?! I am going? OH MY GOD!!!!! this is so cool....... ok talk to you later Linda. Oh and Linda! thanks!

"Your welcome Liz."




Make A Wish - 2



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