Here is Part 2 I hope you all are going to be cool with this story!

Disclaimer: There not mine except the one's that you guys out there dont know.


(The White house Press Room Day 10. 4 day's till Elisabeth Arrives)

"So the President will return on Friday. That is all till 4"

CJ gatherd her folder and walked out of the Press room

"One day Jake I am going to try to keep my back to the press the flashes from the camera's hurt my eyes too much." Cj said to the head of her SS detail.

"CJ" a voice came from behind her.

"Yes Carol."

"A woman named Linda James is on Line 1" "Thanks Carol!" CJ picked up the pace to her office and picked up the phone.

"Linda, CJ how are you?"

"CJ you should have heard her voice when I told her she was coming to visit you. It was histerical!"

CJ replied "I wish I had been there, So do you have some details to tell me?" CJ asked with some question in her voice.

"Yes as a matter a fact I do, Lizzy's plane arrives at National Airport on the 25th at 8:30 AM, Somebody From Secret Service told me they would have one of their men pick her up at the Airport and take her to check in at her hotel, Then somebody will bring her to the White House at about 9:45, After that you have her till about 12:00, she has a Doctor's appointment at George Washington Medical at 1 then she is attending the DC Ballet's performance of "Romeo and Juliet" At about 6:30 The she is going back to her hotel for the night. Day two which is Saturday she is going to be going to the Smithsonian, Her hotel at 6:00 for dinner. Day three she is going Home." "Linda, she is only here for 3 day's and she is doing that much? My goodness that is a lot!" CJ said with surprise in her voice.

Their conversation continued for about 10 minuets when CJ came up with an Idea.

"Linda Why doesn't Lizzy stay with me I mean I have A day of vacation I could use while she is here and I could spend a day with her while she is here?"

"CJ I dont see why not.  But I have an idea lets not tell her that she is going to stay with you, I love seeing her when she is surprised."

"You know Linda you are a very strange person. I love your idea."

"OK then so 4 days to go you ready?" Linda asked "about as ready as I'm gonna be" CJ replied

"Well I have to go CJ I will see you in 4 days"

"Ok Linda talk to you later."







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