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Fins Up—Just a calming, relaxing vacation... Right?  ((Sam/Lisa))

     Lisa Cole sat on the floor with her back to the couch arm.  One ball-point pen was sticking out of her ponytail, another was clenched between her teeth, and a third was in her hand, underlining a phrase on a United Nations resolution that sat in her lap.  Sam unlocked the door to their apartment and entered.  "Hey, sweetie," Lisa said around the pen in her mouth, concentrating on her work.  He looked at her and had to laugh.  File folders were spread all around her—three feet in any direction.  Her briefcase was open, sitting behind her on the couch.  The laptop on the coffee table sat on various history books of Eastern Europe.

     "Hi."  He set his briefcase on the floor and hung his coat on the coat rack.

     "How'd your day go?" she asked.   Sam watched as she reached out and instinctively grabbed a file folder, reading the information it contained before going back to the file in her lap.

     "It went," he said, removing his tie.   "Yours?"  She nodded, having yet to look at him.   "What's going on in Europe?"

     "Oh, you know," she said, realizing her pen was running out of ink.  "Same ole, same ole."  She shook the pen several times before trying to write again.  When it didn't work, she dropped it and took the one from her mouth.


     "Mm?"  Moving a few of the files out from in front of her, he crouched down to her level.


     "What?" she asked with a sigh; that pen died as well.  He reached out to her, touching her cheek.  She glanced up at him, having every intention of going back to work.  As soon as her eyes met his, she knew she was worthless for the rest of the night.  She smiled at him and whispered, "Hi."  He grinned.

     "Hi."  With her face cupped in his hand, he leaned towards her, kissing her slowly.  As the kiss came to an end, Lisa was left breathless.  Sam smiled; after all their years together, the passion was still as hot as it was the day they shared their first kiss.  He stood, offering her his hands.  She tossed her files on the floor and placed her hands in his.  Pulling her to her feet, he put his arms around her, holding her.  "I love you."

     "I love you," she said, snuggling into his embrace.

     "I got to thinking today."


     "Let's slip out this weekend."

     "And go where?" she asked.

     "Florida."  She looked up at him quickly.

     "Florida?"  He nodded.   "What's in Florida?"


     "We don't have the sun here?" she asked, glancing out the windows of their apartment.  New York City had been overcast all day long.  "Never mind..."


     "Seashells?" she asked, keeping with the 's' theme.

     "And one more thing."


     "Well, that, too," he said.  She cocked her head to one side.  "Sailing."

     "We can't go sailing here?  You can see the harbor from here," she said, turning her attention to the windows again.   With her looking out the window, he pulled two airplane tickets from his suit coat.  "Not that I don't like Florida or anything.  In fact, I think it's a wonderful idea but do we have the money for a trip like..."   He waved the tickets in front of her face.  Whatever interest she had in New York Harbor was gone.  "Sam?"

     "Two tickets to paradise for the weekend," he said, tossing them onto the coffee table on top of her laptop's keyboard.

     "How...  I mean...?"

     "Somebody got a raise," he whispered in her ear before kissing her neck.

     "Gage Whitney?" she asked.  "They actually *gave* you a raise?  After they said they wouldn't?"

     "And a bonus for my work on the Wall Street thing," he said.  "Hence two tickets to Key West."

     "I knew all those boring trips to the NYSE would pay off," she giggled as Sam's lips traveled up towards her mouth.

     "This puts me one step closer to becoming a partner," he said.  Before she could offer Sam her verbal congratulations, their lips met again.  She worked to get his suit jacket off of him as the kiss deepened.  After the jacket slid past his shoulders and to the floor, Sam removed the pen from her ponytail and released her brown hair from the rubber band, allowing it to fall to her shoulders.

     "I knew you could do it," she whispered as he picked her up, carrying her into their bedroom.

     "You've always believed in me," he said, laying her on the bed.

     "You've never let me down."


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