Bonds of the Heart


Chapter 6
Millie and Ellie were sitting on the bed with Abbey. Liz and Zoey were
sitting on chairs next to the bed.
Zoey: We've been telling stories to try to get Mom to focus on the good
Liz: So far we've talked about my wedding, the day Annie was born and
Election Day.
Zoey: Why don't you tell a story Dad.
Ellie: Dad will take so long to tell the story, Mom will come out of it just
to tell him to shut up.
Jed: Thank you Eleanor
Millie: Go ahead Jed.
(Ellie got up and Jed sat next to Abbey. He put his arm around her.)
Jed: This is the story of our first kiss. The one when we met didn't really
count, well it did but. It was about a month after we met. and
Ellie: (interrupting) Dad, the story.
Jed walked into the library to study. He saw Abbey sitting at a table
reading. He sat down next to her. She didn't notice him for about fifteen
minutes. Finally she looked up and saw him.
Abbey: Hi Jed. I didn't hear you come in.
Jed: I tried not to trip over you this time.
Abbey: That doesn't look like religion or philosophy you're studying.
Jed: It's economics.
Abbey: Since when do priests have to worry about economics?
Jed: They don't. I changed my major.
Abbey: You dropped out of the seminary? Why?
Jed: So you would go out with me.
Abbey: What makes you think I want to go out with you?
Jed: You like me.
Abbey: You're a nice guy, but I have a boyfriend.
Jed: So. Are you engaged?
Abbey: No.
Jed: Do you have to tell him everything you do?
Abbey: Honesty is important in a relationship.
Jed: Did you tell him you kissed me?
Abbey: You kissed me.
Jed: You kissed me back.
Abbey: I have to study.
Jed: You said honesty is important in a relationship.
Abbey: We don't have a relationship.
Jed: Not yet. I could kiss you right now.
Abbey: I have to study.
Jed: My thing's more fun.
(Jed leaned over and kissed her and she responded. It was a few moments
before they broke apart)
Jed: That time you definitely kissed me back.
Abbey: I shouldn't be doing this. I have a boyfriend.
Jed: Skippy's not right for you.
(Abbey looked at him)
Abbey: Skippy?
Jed: Ron Erlich, right?
(Abbey nodded)
Jed: He's not your type.
Abbey: And you are?
Jed: Yes I am. I can see our unborn children reflected in your eyes.
Abbey: That's the most romantic thing I've ever heard.
Jed: You mean Skippy never said that?
Abbey: Will you walk me back to my room?
Jed: I thought you had to study.
Abbey: I can think of lots of other things to do at this moment.
Jed: Let's go.
Jed: It was a Friday night and we walked back to her dorm and we talked until
four in the morning. Her roommate was gone for the weekend so I slept on her
floor. She said she didn't want me tripping over something walking back to
my room that late. She broke up with Ron the next day and we've been
inseparable ever since.
Zoey: I love that story.
Millie: Come on girls, let's go find something to eat.
(Millie and the girls left and CJ walked in)
CJ: Hello Mr. President.
Jed: What's doin Claudia Jean?
CJ: I'm sorry to disturb you Sir.
Jed: It's okay CJ. What do you need?
CJ: I just wanted to check on Mrs. Bartlet and give you an update on the
situation with the press.
Jed: Abbey's the same.
CJ: She'll come out of it Sir. She's a strong lady.
Jed: Yes she is CJ. So what's happening with the newshounds?
CJ: I told them what Leo told me I could tell them. They were stunned Sir.
They want to know what's going to happen to Erlich. They want to hear from
Jed: (getting angry) They want a comment from me on Ron Erlich. He's a son
of a bitch and if I ever get in a room alone with him, I'll kill him. Tell
the press they can quote me.
CJ: (nervously) Thank you Sir. I'll tell them.
Jed: I'm sorry CJ.
CJ: It's okay Mr. President. I think you're entitled to get upset under the
Jed: CJ I need a favor.
CJ: Name it Sir.
Jed: I want to find out who Erlich hired to take that picture of him and
Abbey at the party. If he's part of the press corps, his next assignment
will be Siberia.
CJ: I'll see what I can find out Sir.
Jed: Thank you.
(CJ left. A few minutes later Hoynes came in)
Jed: Hello John.
Hoynes: I heard about Abbey. I'm sorry.
Jed: Thank you.
Hoynes: If there's anything I can do for you, let me know. You know cover a
meeting or something
Jed: I will.
Hoynes: How are you feeling Sir? We wouldn't want you having a relapse in
the middle of all this.
Jed: I'm okay.
Hoynes: I'll check in with you later Sir.
Jed: Thanks John
(Jed went to check on Abbey)

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