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Chapter 1


Abbey Bartlet walked in her office.
Abbey: Good morning Lilly.
Lilly: Good morning Mrs. Bartlet.
(Abbey picked up a folded paper on her desk and read it. Her face turned
pale. The note said simply: I'm watching you)
Lilly: Are you all right Mrs. Bartlet?
Abbey: I'm okay. Let's get to work on that speech for the luncheon tomorrow.
(An hour later there was a knock on the door)
Abbey (nervously) Who is it?
(Ellie walked in)
Ellie: Hey Mom!
Abbey (smiling) Ellie, what are you doing here?
Ellie: Can't a girl stop by to surprise her mother?
Abbey: What happened? More quotes in the newspaper?
Ellie: No. Honestly I just stopped by to see you. And I was wondering if you
wanted to come to a party with me tomorrow night.
Abbey: Okay, your father's out of town. Let's go pick up some young med
Ellie: Funny Mom. It's not that kind of party. Aunt Millie is being honored
at a dinner at Johns Hopkins tomorrow. You know prestigious graduate and all
Abbey: Sure I'll go. What time?
Ellie: Cocktails are at six.
Abbey: I'll meet you at your apartment at 5:30.
Ellie: Great.

The next day Abbey was going through her mail when she found another note.
This one said I Love you . Abbey tried to put the notes out of her head but
they were making her nervous. This was the fourth one. She hadn't told
anyone. Jed had been out of town and she knew if she told her Secret Service
detail that he would find out. She didn't want him worrying about her when
he was half a world away. She was dressed for the party when she saw CJ, who
was also dressed up
Abbey: Fancy threads for a press briefing CJ. Hot date?
CJ: No, the senior staff is going to the dinner at Johns Hopkins to support
Dr. Griffith.
Abbey: Ellie and I are going too. Maybe you'll find an eligible doctor there
Chapter 2
Everyone is at the party having cocktails and mingling. Abbey goes to the
ladies room to freshen up when she suddenly she is grabbed and a hand is
clamped over her mouth. She is dragged outside away from the crowd. Her
captor takes his hand away and turns her to face him. It is Ron Erlich.
Abbey: (angrily) What the hell do you think you're doing?
Ron: I love you Abbey.
(He is still holding her arms tightly. He kisses her. A reporter Ron hired,
who was hiding in the bushes snapped a picture then ran away.)
Ron: I know you. You still want me.
Abbey: We dated over thirty years ago.
Ron: You're still in love with me. That's why you supported me for Chairman
of the Federal Reserve.
Abbey: I supported you because you were the most qualified for the job. Let
me go Ron!
( Ron let go of one of her arms and caressed her face)
Ron: You're still as beautiful as you were in college.
(He tries to kiss her again, but since one of her hands is free she slaps
him. He grabs her as she tries to run away He slaps her & shoves her to the
Ron: You're going to pay for that! I'll make you love me.
(Ron heard voices coming and ran away. Ellie and Millie got there first
followed by the Secret Service.
Millie: Abbey, what happened to you? Are you all right?
(Abbey didn't answer. Her eyes were vacant. Millie helped Abbey to her
Ellie: Mom, are you okay?
Millie: Come on. We've got to get her back to the White House.
Ellie: What's wrong with her?
Millie: She's catatonic.
(Millie looked at the agents)
Millie: One of you bring the car around the back here.
Patrick: Yes ma'am.
(He left)
Millie: Ellie, Find Leo and the others. Tell them to meet us at the
residence. We're going to need their help.
(Ellie found Leo with CJ)
Leo: Ellie, have you seen Millie? It's almost time for her speech?
Ellie: She sent me to get you guys. We need to go back to the White House.
Something's wrong with Mom. Aunt Millie and I found her lying in the grass.
She's catatonic.
Leo: What happened?
Ellie: I don't know. We found her like that.
Chapter 3
They took Abbey back to the White House. Millie examined her while the
others waited anxiously.
Ellie: Can you help her?
Millie: Physically she's got a few bruises and cuts. Her problem is
emotional and psychological. Something happened to her that caused her to
shut herself off from the world.
Ellie: For how long?
Millie: It's hard to tell. Until her brain can process whatever it is she's
hiding from.
Ellie: What can we do?
Millie: Talk to her. Act as if she'll answer you.
(CJ's cell phone rang)
CJ (answering): This is CJ. Danny? Why are you calling on my cell phone?
Yes, I was there. No, I'm at the White House now. You what? Where? When?
No, Danny. It's not true. The White House has no comment. I have to go.
Leo: What was that about?
CJ: There's a picture of Mrs. Bartlet and Ron Erlich on the Internet.
They're kissing. It was taken earlier tonight at the party. There's a story
with it saying that they're having an affair.
Leo: That bastard!
Ellie: Did he do this to my mother?
Leo: I think so. I think it's time for the Secret Service to pay Mr. Erlich
a little visit.
(Leo went to talk to the agents. A few minutes later he returned)
Sam: To quote the President, What's next?
(Leo laughed bitterly)
Leo: You all go downstairs and keep the press at bay. I have to call the
CJ: What are you going to tell him Leo?
Leo: Well I certainly can't tell him the truth. It's going to be hard enough
to tell him when he gets here. He doesn't need to be dealing with it on a
plane for the next thirteen hours.
CJ: Good luck.
Leo: Thanks.
(Josh, CJ, Sam and Toby went to the West Wing. Millie took Ellie to see
Abbey. Leo took a deep breath and dialed the phone.
(Jed answered on the second ring)
Leo: Sorry to wake you Sir.
Jed: What is it Leo?
Leo: Jed, You need to come home immediately.
Jed: What's happened?
Leo: I'll tell you when you land in Washington. There's nothing you can do
about it until you get here. You just need to get here as soon as you can.
Jed: Leo, tell me what's going on.
Leo: I can't do that Sir. Telling you now would not help anyone. I'll see
you in about thirteen hours.
(Leo hung up and sighed heavily. He looked up and saw Millie)
Millie: You did good.
Leo: I nearly told him.
Millie: Charlie, the Secret Service and his pilots are thankful you didn't.
Leo: How's Abbey?
Millie: No change.
Leo: Did Erlich ra‚€¶ Did he‚€¶..
Millie: No. I think he intended too and possibly that's what put Abbey in
this state.
Leo: The Secret Service is going to keep Ron under house arrest until the
President gets back. We have to keep a lid on this until he gets here.
Millie: What about the story on the Internet?
Leo: CJ will deny it and say the White House has no comment. Get
comfortable. It's going to be a long night.
(Ellie came out of the bedroom)
Ellie: This is so hard. Mom's there, but she isn't.
(Millie hugged her)
Millie: It's going to be okay. Your dad's on his way home.
Ellie: Does he know?
Leo: No. I just told him he needed to get home as soon as possible.
Millie: Ellie, call Zoey and tell her what's going on. Your mom's going to
need her family right now.
Ellie: Should I call Liz? If that Internet story hits the press, I don't
want her to find out like that.
Millie: Call them both.
Ellie: I'll use the phone in the study.
(Ellie walked in the other room)
Millie: She's so much like her mother. Always concerned about everybody
else. She'll make a wonderful doctor.
Leo: She's a good kid.
Millie: Do you want to go sit with Abbey for a while? I need to get some
things from my office since I'll be here all night.
Leo: Okay. What do I do? What do I say?
Millie: Leo, it's Abbey. You've known her forever. Just talk to her like
you normally would. I'll be back in twenty minutes.
( Leo walked into the bedroom. Millie had taken off Abbey's party dress and
she was dressed in sweats. Leo hadn't seen her since the attack because Ellie
and Millie rode with her and he came back with the staff. Her face was
bruised and her eyes just stared vacantly as if she were the only one in the
Leo: Hey Abbey. I called the President. He's on his way home. I didn't tell
him what happened. He'd be going crazy if he knew. He's probably going
crazy anyway. You're going to be okay. You're the best thing that ever
happened to him. I knew that the minute I saw you two together. He gave up
the priesthood for you. I could never really imagine him as a priest though.
With all those useless facts in his head, do you know how long his homilies
would be?
(Leo took her hand and looked into her eyes)
Leo: We're going to get Erlich. We're going to make him pay for this. I can
promise you that.
(Ellie came in the room)
Ellie: The agents are bringing Zoey. I talked to Liz. She's so upset. She
wanted to come down. I told her not to but she wanted to be here for Mom.
Leo: Well then I guess we're going to have a Bartlet family reunion.
(Ellie sat down)
Ellie: Mom, Zoey and Liz are coming to see you. We love you Mom.
(Abby just sat there)


Bonds of the Heart - 2



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