Bonds of the Heart - part 4


(Hoynes left and Jed went back to the bedroom)
Millie: How are you holding up Sir?
Jed: Millie, how long have we known each other?
Millie: About thirty years Mr.President.
Jed: Millie, you are Abbey's best friend and Ellie's godmother. We're not in
the Oval Office. Call me Jed.
Millie: Okay Sir (pauses)Jed.
Jed: How's Abbey?
Millie: We need to get some fluids in her before she starts getting
dehydrated. If we can't get her to drink something I'm going to have to give
her an IV.
Jed: Abbey hates needles.
Millie: I know.
Jed: She may snap out of it just to keep you from giving her one.
Millie: Why don't we get her cleaned up a bit and into some fresh clothes.
(Jed and Millie changed Abbey's clothes and washed her up. Jed saw the
bruises on her chest and back and got angrier. Leo returned a few minutes
Leo: Guess what. Erlich's been released. Some fancy DC lawyer got him out.
He's holding a televised press conference.
Jed: Turn it on.
(Leo turned on the TV.)
Jed: I'd like to wipe that smirk off his face.
Millie:Jed, look at Abbey.
(Tears were streaming down Abbey's cheeks and she was shaking almost
violently.Jed held her tightly)
Jed: It's okay Baby. He can't hurt you anymore.
(Jed played with her hair as he soothed her)
Ron (from TV): Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, thank you for coming. The
first thing I want to say is that I categorically deny all charges brought
against me. The President called on all his political spin doctors to
fabricate this story once he discovered that his wife and I are romantically
Jed:(angrily)I'm gonna kill him. Don't try to stop me Leo. That lousy cold
hearted bastard deserves to die. I hope you know a good defense attorney.
Ron:(from TV) The Bartlet administration doesn't want you to know the truth.
They have been keeping secrets for years. President Bartlet himself has
multiple sclerosis. Do you want a man with a deteriorating brain to lead
your country?
Jed: I've heard enough! Turn it off. Excuse me I have to go kill him.
(Jed got up and started to walk out, but a voice behind him stopped him)
Abbey:(tearfully)Don't go.
(Jed walked back to the bed and Abbey collapsed in his arms sobbing. Leo and
Millie silently left the room.)

Jed just sat there holding Abbey as she sobbed. After a while she lifted her
head from his chest and looked at him. He gently brushed the tears away with
his finger.
Abbey (tearfully): I'm sorry.
Jed: You have nothing to be sorry about.
Abbey: I should have told you about the notes.
Jed: It's okay. Ron Erlich will regret the day he decided to mess with me
and my family.
Abbey: Don't go see him Jed. Please. That what he wants. He's been fired.
He has nothing to lose. You do.
Jed: I can't let him get away with what he did to you.
Abbey: He won't. He's not the the only one who can have a press conference.
You and I can address the nation.
Jed: That's a good idea. But I can do it myself. It's not necessary for you
to be there.
Abbey: I think it's important for the country to see us together.
Jed: Are you sure you're up to it?
Abbey: I'm fine.Set it up.
Jed: You need to eat something first.
Abbey: I must look a mess.
Jed: You look beautiful.
Abbey: Sure I do.
Jed: Would you excuse me for a few minutes? I need to go talk to the staff
about the address.
Abbey: Tell the staff to come here.
Jed: (shouting)Leo!
(Leo came back in the bedroom)
Leo: Yes Sir?
Jed: Tell the staff I need to see them here in the residence now.
Leo: Right away Mr. President.
(Leo called the staff.Ten minutes later they were all gathered in the living
room. Mrs. Laningham was there too.)
Sam: Mr. President, Ainsley is checking to see how Ron Erlich got released.
Jed: Thank you Sam. Now I think it's time we talked. I know you were all
shocked by Erlich's announcemnt. It's true. I do have multiple sclerosis.
The kind of MS I have is called relapsing remitting. I have not had an
episode since before last year's State of the Union.
Josh: Why didn't you tell us Sir?
Jed: It is my disease.I didn't want it to affect anyone's opinion of me.
Toby: We had a right to know Sir.
Josh: How did Erlich find out?
(Sam's cell phone rang)
Sam: Hello, Ainsley, what did you find out? What! You're kidding! Thank you.
(Sam hung up)
Sam: You're not going to believe this. Guess who hired a lawyer to get
Erlich out of jail?
Leo: Who?
Sam:Vice President Hoynes.
(Everyone is stunned)



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