Family Ties

Disclaimer: These characters don't belong to me. I'm just borrowing them
from Mr. Sorkin & Company

The story begins two days after the President's condition has been made
public and the day before he is scheduled to address the nation about it.

Leo was waiting to see the President when Abbey walked in.
Leo: How are you?
Abbey: My worst nightmare is coming true.
Leo: I thought the response has been fairly positive. We're gaining the
sympathy vote.
Abbey: That's not what I meant. Eleanor is coming to visit.
Leo: Abbey! She's your daughter.
Abbey: Not that one. Jed's mother is coming.
Leo: Why is she coming?
Abbey: She says she wants to be here to support Jed and the family. She
wants to make my life miserable that's why.
Leo: When is she coming?
Abbey: Two hours. She called from the airport. She hates me Leo. It's been
thirty-six years and she's still upset that Jed dropped out of the seminary
to be with me. She says I rushed him into marriage. Because of the baby.
Leo: That's crazy! Jed fell in love with you the moment he laid eyes on you.
He proposed on your first date.
Abbey: I know. She said I corrupted her baby. If it wasn't for me he could
have been pope.
Leo: President of the United States not good enough for her?
Abbey: No. And with his illness she didn't want him to become president.
She said it would be too much stress.
Leo: It is, but he's a grown man perfectly able to make his own decisions.
How long is she staying?
Abbey: Too long. Of course an hour with her is too long.
Leo: Does the President know?
Abbey: Not yet. She just called as she was leaving for the airport.
Leo: (sarcastically) This will put him in a great mood.
Abbey: Wish me luck.
Leo: Good luck. I was waiting to see him but I think I'll talk to him a
little later.
(Leo walked away. Abbey saw Mrs. Landingham at her desk)
Abbey: Good morning Mrs. Landingham.
Mrs. Landingham: Good morning Mrs. Bartlet.
Abbey: Is the President in?
Mrs. Landingham: Yes. Josh, Sam & Toby are helping him prepare for tomorrow.
(Abbey went in)
Abbey: Can I interrupt?
Josh: Sure. Mr. President, we'll be back in a little while. We'll just go
polish up the speech.
Abbey: You don't have to leave. You need to know this too. We're going to
have an added guest at the address tomorrow.
Jed: Who?
Abbey: The Wicked Witch of the West.
(Jed rolled his eyes. Josh, Sam and Toby looked confused)
Jed: Eleanor Bartlet the First. My mother.
Sam: I'm guessing you and she don't get along.
Abbey: That's a polite way to put it.
Josh: She seemed like a sweet old lady at the inauguration.
Abbey: The only thing sweet about that woman is her son.
Jed: When is she coming?
Abbey: In a couple of hours. It's a good thing I was already in love with
you by the time I met your mother.
(Jed got up and kissed Abbey. The men looked uncomfortable)
Abbey: Excuse us boys. He's got to get his fill now. We won't be able to do
that once she gets here.
Jed: Abigail I don't care who is watching. If I want to kiss you, I'm going
to kiss you.
(Jed kissed her again)
Sam: Why don't you like her ma'am?
Abbey: I tried to like her Sam. She hated me from the moment we met. By
that time the President and I were engaged.
Josh: Sir, you never let your mother meet your girlfriend?
Jed: There wasn't time. I was accepted at the London School of Economics and
I asked Abbey to marry me all in about three days. Then I took her to meet my
Abbey: We had a short engagement and a small wedding. Eleanor hated that too.
(Abbey looked at Jed)
Abbey: Are you sure I can't go to Manchester until she leaves?
Jed: Only if I can come with you.
Abbey: I'd better go get some rooms ready for her. I'll make sure they on
the other side of the building from us.
Jed: I love you.
Abbey: You'd better.
(She left)

Chapter 2




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