Family Ties by Gina


A few hours later Eleanor arrived.
Abbey: Good afternoon Eleanor. It's nice to see you.
Eleanor: You could have met me at the airport.
Abbey: I was tied up in a meeting.
Eleanor: I'd like to see my son now.
Abbey: He's in a meeting right now. He'll be done in an hour or so.
Eleanor: Where are the girls?
Abbey: They'll be here for dinner. Zoey and Ellie are in class right now.
Eleanor: What about Elizabeth?
Abbey: They'll be here in a couple hours.
Eleanor: They? She's bringing Annie?
Abbey: Yes. Jed and I would like to see our granddaughter.
Eleanor: Is Annie going to be at the address tomorrow?
Abbey: That's up to Jed and Liz.
Eleanor: I don't think it's right that she be there. She's just a child.
Abbey: She's fourteen. She's old enough to understand what's going on. Zoey
was twelve when Jed was first diagnosed and she understood.
Eleanor: I don't think it's wise to expose her to the media like that.
Abbey: It's not up to you.
Eleanor: Someone has to look out for her best interests. It's obvious her
mother and grandparents don't seem to care.
Abbey: Annie's fine.
Eleanor: She is now, but too much exposure to the media and she could end up
involved with the wrong crowd. I wouldn't want her to end up unmarried and
pregnant like her mother and grandmother.
(Abbey was fuming when Leo walked in)
Leo: Hello Eleanor.
Eleanor: Leo, you look handsome as ever.
Leo: You look wonderful. Ho was your flight?
Eleanor: Dreadful. My own son couldn't even send a plane for me.
Abbey: We didn't know you were coming.
Eleanor: Where else would I be? My Josiah needs me.
Abbey: Where were you after he was shot last year?
Eleanor: You know I can't stand the heat in DC in June. You should have
brought him to New Hampshire to recover.
Abbey: Sorry. He was a little busy, running the country.
Eleanor: He never should have run for President. That's too much stress on
him. He's going to have an attack. And now the whole world's going to know
about his condition. They're going to think he can't do his job.
Leo: Abbey makes sure Jed doesn't overdue it.
Eleanor: You should have talked him out of running Abigail.
Abbey: No one can talk Jed out of something when he has his mind made up.
(No one noticed Jed walk in)
Eleanor: I could have.
Abbey: You couldn't talk him out of marrying me.
Eleanor: He was just doing the honorable thing because you were pregnant.
Jed: That's enough Mother! Abbey is my wife and I love her. It's been
thirty-five years. Deal with it.
(Jed gave Abbey a passionate kiss)

Chapter 3



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