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Category: Jed/ Abbey Rated PG
Summary: The life & love of Jed & Abbey
Chapter 1

Twenty-one year old Josiah Bartlet was confused. He knelt in chapel praying
for guidance but his mind kept wandering. He thought he had his whole life
figured out. He was in the seminarian training program at Notre Dame. He was
dedicating his life to God. Then he stumbled (literally) across the most
beautiful girl he had ever seen.

FLASHBACK : A half hour earlier Jed and Leo were walking across the quad. Jed
was reading a book.
Jed: Do you know what the life span of a man in ancient Rome was?
Leo: Like I care. You invite me to visit and you have to be in by 10.
Jed: It's the rules of the program.
Leo: If you break them, are you going to straight to hell?
(Leo walked away. Jed tripped over something. He looked up into a pair of
hazel eyes.)
Abbey: Are you okay?
Jed: Fine, I'm just a klutz. I'm Jed Bartlet.
Abbey: I'm Abbey Fowler. What so interesting in that book?
Jed: Miscellaneous facts.
Abbey: Are you a history major?
Jed: No, philosophy. I'm in training for the seminary. What are you studying?
Abbey: Biology. I'm trying to get into the premed program.
Jed: Forget biology. I prefer chemistry.
(Impulsively he kissed her. For a moment neither one said anything, then
Abbey stood up.)
Abbey: We can't do this. I have a boyfriend and you're going to be a priest.
(She walked away. Jed went to his counselor and withdrew from the seminarian
program. He went to find Leo)
Jed: I quit the program. I changed my major to economics.
Leo: What? Why?
Jed: I met a girl. Her name is Abbey She's beautiful and wonderful and smart
and I'm in love.
Leo: Where is she?
Jed: Probably out with her boyfriend.
Leo: You changed your whole life for a girl who is in love with someone else?
Jed: Leo, I kissed her. She felt something too. I know she did.
Leo: Come on. Let's go find a party.
Over the following weeks Jed tried to find out everything he could about
Abbey Fowler.He knew she was a freshman. He knew what dorm she lived in. He
knew her schedule and he knew her boyfriend was Ron Erlich. Three weeks after
Jed dropped out of the seminary, he went to the library to study. He saw
Abbey studying so he sat at the far end of her table. After twenty minutes
she finally noticed him.
Abbey: Hi Jed. I didn't hear you come in.
Jed: I tried not to trip over you this time.
Abbey: That doesn't look like religion you're studying.
Jed: It's economics. I drooped out of the seminary program.
Abbey: Why?
Jed: I figured out that that wasn't what God was calling me to do.
Abbey: Really?
Jed: I wanted you to go out with me.
Abbey: I have a boyfriend.
Jed: So. Are you engaged?
Abbey: No.
Jed: Do you tell him everything?
Abbey: Most everything.
Jed: Did you tell him you kissed me?
Abbey: You kissed me.
Jed: You kissed back.
(He leaned across the table and kissed her. She responded. After a few
minutes, they broke apart.)
Jed: This time you definitely kissed me back.
(Abbey looked across the room. Ron was glaring at her. Abbey picked up her
Abbey: I have to go. I'll call you soon.
(She walked out.)
Later that night Jed was at his desk studying. It was a little after midnight
on Friday night. His roommate was gone for the weekend. There was a knock at
the door. Puzzled he got up to answer it. Abbey stood there crying.
Abbey: I'm sorry. I didn't know where else to go.
Jed: Come on in. My roommate's not here.
(Abbey sat on the bed.)
Abbey: Ron and I broke up. He got mad when he saw us together. He thought I
was cheating on him.. Who knows, maybe I was. We had this big fight and we
broke up. Then I realized that I locked myself out of my room and I didn't
want to go asking to be let in looking like this.
(Jed kissed the top of her forehead)
Jed: I think you look beautiful.
Abbey: Thank you.
Jed: I think we need to cheer you up.
(Jed got out his fact book and began reading trivial facts to her. After
about fifteen minutes she was laughing.
Jed: I'll be back in a minute.
(He walked down the hall to the restroom. When he came back, Abbey was asleep
on his bed. Jed covered her with a blanket and kissed her cheek and climbed
into his roommate's bed and fell asleep dreaming about Abbey.

Chapter 2

Leo sat on his bunk in the barricks and looked through his mail. He saw a
letter from
Jed and ripped it open. He could hardly believe it had been three months
since his visit to Notre Dame.
Hey Leo!
I'm in love! Remember that girl Abbey I met. We're dating. She's wonderful.
She has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. She's smart and funny and
gorgeus. We've been dating for a couple months. I love her. I haven't told
her that yet, but I'm going to. Soon. I can't wait for you to meet her. I
told her all about you. I was hoping you might get to meet her over Christmas
break but plans changed. My father had a stroke a few weeks ago. He's very
weak. He had to take a leave of absence from his position as headmaster. I
have not told my parents about Abbey yet. My mother was upset when I told her
I dropped out of the seminary. My father was pleased I'm studying economics.
My classes are all right. That geek that Abbey used to date is in some of my
classes. I hate him. He really wasn't her type. How's training? Are you still
dating that girl Jenny? Maybe the four of us could get together soon.
I miss you Leo.
Your pal, Jed
It was just before Christmas break. Jed and Abbey were out. Jed took her to
an apartment building. They went to the second floor and down the hall.
Abbey: Who lives here?
(Jed took out a key and opened a door.)
Jed: I do. Come on in.
(They walked in.)
Abbey:(without enthusiasm) It's nice.
Jed: What's wrong?
Abbey: I thought we were getting closer.
Jed: We are.
Abbey: Then why are you moving farther away? Don't you want to spend time
(Jed took her in his arms.)
Jed: I want to spend every minute of every day with you Abbey. You are the
first thing I think about when I wake up every morning and the last thing I
think of before I go to sleep. I love you Abbey.
(tears were streaming down her face.)
Abbey: You love me?
Jed: With all my heart.
(He kissed her.)
Abbey: I love you too.
Jed: As for this place, I just wanted a place for myself where you and I can
spend time together without worrying about roommates and curfews. Would you
come to Manchester with me for a few days? I want you to meet my family.
Abbey: I don't know Jed. Is that such a good idea with your father being ill?
Jed: I don't want to be away from you. Two weeks will be torture. Please say
you'll come.
Abbey: What will I tell my family?
Jed: Tell them you're spending a few days with a friend. Please Abbey.
Abbey: All right. I can't say no to those Bartlet blue eyes.
(They kissed again.)
Jed: This is going to be the best Christmas ever.

Chapter 3

A few days later Jed & Abbey arrived in Manchester.
Abbey: Are you sure about this?
Jed: It will be fine. How could they not love you?
Abbey: Parents don't need a reason.
(They walked in the house. Abbey was amazed. It was huge.)
Jed: I'm home!
(An elegantly dressed woman came in the foyer and hugged Jed.)
Eleanor: Josiah, I'm so happy you're home.
(She noticed Abbey.)
Eleanor: You didn't tell us you were bringing anyone with you.
Jed: Mother, this is Abigail Fowler. Abbey, this is my mother.
Abbey: I'm very pleased to meet you Mrs. Bartlet.
Eleanor: Are you dating my son?
Abbey: Yes ma'am.
Jed: She's studying to be a doctor.
Eleanor: Josiah, why didn't you tell us about her?
Jed: I wanted to surprise you.
Eleanor: You certainly did.
(She looked at Abbey.)
Eleanor: You look young my dear. How old are you?
Abbey: I'll be nineteen in a few weeks.
(Eleanor was shocked.)
Eleanor: Josiah, how could you get involved with a girl like this? We're
having our holiday party this evening. What will people say? Not only have
you dropped out of the seminary, you're dating a child!
Jed:(angrily) Mother, that's enough. Abbey is my guest. I will not let you
treat her like that.
Eleanor: We are having a formal party tonight. I hope she has something
suitable to wear.
Jed: Excuse us Mother. Is Father in the study?
Eleanor: Yes, but I think you should go see him alone. Meeting your "friend"
might upset him. Besides I want to get to know her.
Jed: I'll be back in a few minutes.
Abbey: I'll be fine.
(Jed walked down the hall. Eleanor looked Abbey over.)
Eleanor: Are you the reason my son isn't going to be a priest?
Abbey: Pardon me?
Eleanor: My son was all set to devote his life to serving God until a few
months ago. Now suddenly he comes home with you, a girl we've never heard one
word about. I'm not naive about girls like you and handsome young men like my
Abbey: I love Jed very much Mrs. Bartlet. I want to make him happy.
Eleanor:If you truly care for him, you'll do what's best for him and leave
him to be God's servant.
(Jed returned.)
Jed: Mother, Father is asking for you.
Eleanor: I'll see you both later.
(She walked away. Jed kissed Abbey.)
Jed: Don't worry about my mother. She'll come around.
Later that night Jed is introducing Abbey to people.
Jed: And here is one of my favorite people in the world.
Mrs. Landingham, this is my friend Abbey Fowler. Abbey, this is Mrs.
Landingham, the big sister I never had.
Mrs. Landingham: Someone's got to keep you in line.
Abbey: It's wonderful to meet you.
Mrs.Landingham: Excuse us Jed, I need to talk to Abbey.
Jed: Be nice Mrs. Landingham. I'll just get us something to drink
(Jed walked away.)
Mrs. Landingham: So how did you meet Jed?
Abbey: He tripped over me.
Mrs. Landingham: Had his nose in a book I bet.
Abbey: Yes he did.
Mrs.Landingham: You're very good for him.
Abbey: How can you tell? You just met me.
Mrs.Landingham: Yes, but I've known Jed for a few years now. This is the
happiest I've seen him in a while. You make him happy.
Abbey: He's wonderful. I've never met anyone like him.
Mrs.Landingham: He's one of a kind.
Abbey: (whispering) His mother doesn't like me very much.
Mrs.Landingham: She always hoped Jed would be the first American pope. Don't
let her scare you. I always hoped Jed would meet a nice girl like you. He
needs to relax a little. His parents are a little too serious sometimes.
Abbey: I noticed.
(Jed came back.)
Jed: Was she telling you horrible things about me?
Abbey: Not at all.
Mrs.Landingham: She's good for you Jed. You look happy.
Jed: I am happy. Thanks to Abbey.
(He kissed her. Mrs. Landingham smiled. From across the room Eleanor Bartlet
frowned as she watched Jed kiss Abbey.)





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