AUTHOR: green_apple elidstodom827@yahoo.com

SUMMARY: No one know where Sam is.

RATING: PG I think
NOTES: This is a various-part-kinda-story. It's told
from a little weird POV, 'cause it starts with a news
in the newspaper (any newspaper), then it's followed
by a press conference, a TV show, and, finally, it's
told from the POV of the major players. So, I hope
it'll work out well.

- Cathy, Kacey, Beth, Tony, Raj Viruschka and Elaine.
Thanks for the help

Six weeks have passed since the White House Deputy
Communications Director, Samuel Seaborn was last seen.

The authorities have no information on his whereabouts
and sudden disappearance. His family and friends are
running out of hope of finding him alive. No one saw
anything, no one knows anything about what has been
called one of the most intriguing mysteries in
politics recent history.

It is common knowledge that Samuel Seaborn was last
seen in the company of fellow White House Staffers at
"Philly's", a popular San Francisco night club on
January 12th around 10 pm. He was supposed to be
enjoying the evening and then leave to his mother's
house in Los Angeles; but as it is known now, he never
reached the airport.

The following day, after only 12 hours without
contact, the White House informed the local
authorities of the possibility of a missing staffer,
but they began to work officially on the case after
the 24 hours waiting period mandatory.

The news went public 72 hours after the police was
informed, right after the FBI was called in to assist.
On January 15th, during a press conference, the FBI
revealed that a watch believed to be Mr. Seaborn's was
found outside the night club with a blood stain on it
; and was sent for forensic testing to determinate if
the blood on the watch was indeed Mr. Seaborn's. The
FBI informed the public that the case was now being
treated as a kidnapping.

Everyone was confused. Samuel seaborn was escorted by
two SFPD officers and had been joined at the bar by
one Secret Service agent and five security members and
still disappeared.

Authorities cannot explain how he vanished if he was
in company of so many security and why those men
cannot explain why he went out alone. Even though this
is an on going investigation, the FBI have spoken
about some pieces of evidence which lead them to
believe this is a kidnapping. Forensic tests have
confirmed the blood on the watch was Mr. Seaborn's.
His cell phone and wallet were later recovered in a
gas station along Route Five. Yet none of these leads
panned out.

It's been three weeks since the Police Department and
the FBI found the last clue and as time elapses, the
chances of locate Samuel Seaborn diminish. FBI Special
Agent Carson Granville said that in the absence of any
monetary or other ransom demands and in light of death
threats Mr. Seaborn has recently received murder has
not been ruled out.

Granville also said the body found thirteen days ago
inside of a cabin in Half Moon Bay, to the North of
San Francisco was not the Deputy Communications
Director. There were rumors around that the body could
be Seaborn, so the FBI took a DNA sample of it and
compared to a sample of Seaborn's DNA, hopping that
this could clear the mystery once for all; but after
almost two weeks, the results showed no match. A
relief for the family, though not the end of the

Police have respond to thousands of calls about
potential sittings of the Senior White House Staffer
in several cities across the country without success.
While every call has been treated seriously, many have
been hoaxes and no further leads have been uncovered.

How long is the family going to live with this
torture? It's hard to say. After six weeks anything is
possible and nothing can be overlooked. The FBI still
states that they have the feeling that it's not too
late to find him alive.

The search now is not only focused on California, but
extended to the entire country. Every police station
has been alerted with a special number put in place
for law enforcement officer's to communicate with
Special Agent Granville and his team.

Although, unwilling to comment on procedures, the
Secret Service continues to investigate four death
threats Seaborn received prior to his January 12th
disappearance. It's safe to assume however, that in
the course of the investigation the calls and
correspondences for Mr. Seaborn would have been

In a written statement, the White House assured
reporters "the President's thoughts and prayers are
with the Seaborn family and that he has faith
authorities will effect his safe return in the near
future". Privately, sources confirm the President has
been deeply upset by Seaborn's disappearance and is
briefed daily on the situation.

In the meantime, anyone could not predict if this is
going to have a final resolution. While statistics
point to the worse case scenario, anyone hopes Mr.
Seaborn will not become another number on those
statistics. How is this going to end? No one knows.