It was a cold day at the Capital. But none of the crowd attending the inauguration of the new President felt cold.

The American people were suprised and pleased when the New President shocked the experts by beating the sitting President who sat in the frornt row waiting with his wife and daughter.

The soon to be sworn in President walked down the stairs and sat down waiting to be sworn in by the Chief Justice.

The cermony began with the prayer by a local priest who said a prayer for the President ELect who looked at him and hoped that it would come true.

It then came time for the Vice President to be sworn in. He got up followed by his wife and Son and stood before a SUpreme court Judge.

He took the oath of office followed by him hugging his wife and son.

He coud sense that the crowd wanted him to sit down. THey wanted to see thier new President. They person that they have braved the chill be sworn in.

he quickly did so.

THe crowed waited as the Chief Justice went up to his spot and then turned to the President elect.

"Are you ready to take the COnstitutional oath of office?" HE asked.

"I am" The President elect said as a Black man, His wife and two children got up and walked to the spot. The family mved to there location.

"Then Repeat after me:

I, Zoey Bartlet-Young do solemnly swear that I will faithully execute the office of President of thr United States, and I will to thebest of my ability preserve, Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. SO help me god."

Zoey repeats the oath. After the Chief Justice smiles

"COntgratulations Madame President." The chief Justice said as Charle and there children hugged Zoey.

THey then went back to there seats as Zoey looked out at the crowd and beyond them to the country she now leads.

She takes a deep breath and begins her speech as the Second Bartlet Presidency began

The End




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