John watched the scene between Diana and Blue. He couldn't believe that she was exposed and that she has agreed to scarfice ehrself for the other passagner's.

HE reached out to her and gave her a long hug. He contiued to hold on to her as he looked into her eyes.

"Please don't do this Diana?" John begged.

"I have to." She responded.

"No you don't. You don't have to scarfice yourself for us."" Jack said to her.

"I would do it to see these people set free. And most of all you would be free." Diana said to him.

"No I wouldn't. I will never be free until you are with me Diana." John said.

"We will be together again. Believe in that John. And until we meet again.." Diana leans in and gives John a passionate kiss on the lips. "I love you John Bond." She says as she looks at Blue.

Blue calls for the female terrorist violet.

"Take her." He order's.

DIana and Violet head to the back.

"Take off your clothes." She ordered.

DIana noticed Violet taking off her clothes. Diana did so and then put on violet's clothes while VIolet put on her dress. THey both came back to Blue.

Blue stared at Diana. The pants and shirt were tight alling Blue to notice the curves of Diana's body for the first time.

"You make a very beautiful terrorist Ms. bartlet." BLue says.

"What happens to me now?" DIana says.

"COme with me. Were leaving the flight." Blue says to her. He then turns to the others. "THe rest of you are free.: Blue says.

The passangers are silent as Diana is led to the cabin door in the back. There are words of encougement and thanking her. But John gets up and turns to look at her just before she leaves the plane.


Diana and Blue leave the plane


Please elt me know what you think. I need to know that you are readign this story



The End Of Summer - 12




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