Jed and Abbey were spending the day up in the residence. They were worried about Diana. THere was a knock on the door and Leo walked in.

"You got news?" Jed asked Leo.

"We just got word that its over." Leo said

"Are you sure?" Abbey asks

"According to the CIA theh ighjackers left the plane and it has taken off to Israel." Leo tells the first lady.

"Why would they release the plabne so suddenly?" Jed asks.

"We don't know. The plane is being sent to an isolated airport." Leo says

"I don't like this. There is somethign wrong." Jed says.

At that moment Cj walks in.

"Excuse me Mr. President." Cj says.

"WHat is it CJ?" Jed asks

"We just got a call from NBC. They have said that they have gotten a tape from the highjackers. They are rushing it onto the air and they thought that you should know." Cj says to the President

"What's on this tape?" Leo asks?

"I asked. But they wouldn't tell me. But they were told to air the tape without delay or something terrible would happen." CJ says.

Leo looks at CJ as he turns on the TV. He notices the breaking news babber as TOm Brokaw comes on the air.

"To repeat. Wehave just learned that the highjacked TWA plane is on its way to ISreal. They highjackers delievered this tape and demanded thaty we play it or else somethign terrible will happenWe are told that the tape is ready."

The TV then switches and we see BLue someone tied to a chair with a gun pointed at the persons head. The camera focuses on that person.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Abbey says as they all see Diana








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