CJ looked around. It was her first time in the Situation room. Ever since the crisis in India the President and Leo changed there crisis management procedures. CJ was to sit in on all meetings.

She and the others sttod up when the PResident walked in followed by Leo.

"Sit down everyone." Jed ordered. He turned to his National Security Advisionr. "WHat do you got Robin?"

(Author's note: The national Security Advisor is the same person who was the press secretary in American President. Not only is it the same actress but it is the same person and she looks like she did in the movie)

RObin turned to face the President.

"The plane has turned SOuth. We belive that they are on there way to Tripoli." Robin reoprt's.

"Any idea on how the Libyans will react?" Leo asks.

"There going to let the plane land. We expect the highjackers to ask for fuel. The Libyans are goign to refuse uless the hostages are released." The Secretary of State told the group.

The President turned to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

"Any miltary options?" Jed asked.

"Delta force is on there way to Isreal. They will practice and stand by for any order's. Our forces in the area are on Defcon 3." Fitz informed the President.

"WHat about DIana?" Leo asked the Secret Servivce.

"Whenever one of our protectees fly on a non miltary flight they travel under a flase name. When its an oversea's flight we provide them with a flase Passort and other ID.

The procedure was followed for Diana. As procedure requres she was the last to board. It would be very unlikly that this flight was highjacked because of her." Butterfield informed the President.

"WHat about the press?" POTUS asked CJ.

"Carol is on her way to Rome to work with the Press there. So far noboyd knows about Di. I will check with Danny though. But I doubt that any of the white house press will leak this.

If its going to leak it will come from Rome.. Were already working on what to do if it leaks" Cj informed the President.

"All right. I want us to handle this very carefully. THere are over 250 people on that flight and each one of them is important. No action will be taken based on the idea of making one person more important then the others. And THAT includes Diana. IS that clear?" THe President said

"YES SIR." Everyone said as the meeting ended.


The End Of Summer - 6



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