Diana felt a gentel toch on her shoulder. She slowly opened her eyes and saw John's handsome face looking at her. She gave him a smile.

" Guess it wasn't a dream?" DIana askes she looks up at him.

":Afraid not Diana." John says with a sad face

DIana gets up and quickly looks around. She notices that all the windows are closed and thateveryone is very quiet.

"How long have I been asleep?:She asks

" Two hour's. The highackers want everyone awake Diana." He answers

"Were about to land?" DIana asks knowing the answer.

"Afraid so I can't tell where we are but we have been flying SOuth or SOuth east." John tells her

"Libya: DIana says.

DIana leans against John as the lead highjacker Blue comes into the cabin with a microphone.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. We will be landing soon in Tripoli, We will be refueling the plane and then leave again." Blue says with a smile on his face

"You all have been very good so far. WHen the fuel arrives the children and there mothers will be released As evidence of our good will." Blue says to everyone

"I must ask the others to remain in there seat's. If anybody causes trouble then three of you will die." Blue tells the scared group

A male passanger gets up.

"Can we ask who you are?" The passanger aks.

BLue: We are heavly armed people with a cause who are willing to die and kill for that cause.

The male sits down.

"There serious" DIana says with fear in her voice.

John puts his arm around her and pulls her close to him He looks into her dark eyes.

"I want you to know something. No matter what happens I will not let you be hurt. " John tells her.

DIana looks at him and she knows that she can trust him.

"I know. I trust you John." DIana says.

She puts her arm around him and brings her lips to meet his and they both kiss eacvh other.




The End Of Summer - 7



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