John was pleasently suprised when DIana brought her lips and gave him a real passionate kiss. He felt his heart beatign faster and he gave in and returned her kiss.

The kiss was intrupted by the thud of the plane hlanding on the ground. They contiued to hold on to each other as the plane rolled to a stop.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that." DIana said embarrassed.

John looked at her with a look of sadness. He knew that he was in love with her. But it looked like she didn't feel the same.

"Why? I meant it. You are so beautiful DIana. And I have no regrets." John said to her.

She looked at him and knew that he was telling the truth.

"I have feelings for you to But this isnt the right time. We don't know what will happen to us." DIana says.

" I don't care. For the first time I am feeling so good and comfortible with a woman. I care for you Diana. And if we are to die there is no place I would rather die then then have you with me when it happens.

And when we surrive this I want to know you better." Jack says honestly . The terrorists walk thugh the aisles picking children and there mothers.

"You may go." Blue says.

The selected group leaves the plane . They are photographed as they leave abd they get on a bus.


Cj was finshing her briefing. She expressed the Governments pleasure on the release and called on he troorists to release the others.

The Reporters shouted questions before she left.

As Cj walked down the hall to her office Danny followed.

"I need to ask you something>" Danny informs her.

"We just had a full brifing where you could asks questions." CJ said.

"Not this Question. Its about apphotograph The Rome Breau got." Danna says as he hands the pitcure to CJ.

CJ walked into her office and looked at the picture which was of Diana as she boared the flight. Cj sighed.

"WHat are you goingto do Danny?" CJ asked.

"We have bought the pictures and the flim. And the story has been written. But were not going to run the story." Danny tells CJ.

"My paper and I have no interest in putting DIana in danger. I just wanted you to know that I knw about her.

I know that she is traveling under the name Diana Spencer.. And that If I know then others will find out and somebody is going to leak this story." Danny adds.

"WHat do you want fro this silence Danny?" CJ asks knowign that Danny would want something.

"Two things.

1. I want the first interview with Diana when this is over. I want to be the one who writes the story from her view." Danny says.

"Thata's up to the President and Diana. But I will recomend it, And the second thing?" CJ asks.

"Dinner with me tonight." Danny tells her.

"I can't. I am going to be stuck here all night." CJ says

"I will buy the Pizza and you and I eat it here in your office. Just you and me." Danny says.

Cj thinks abotu it.

"Deal." CJ says.

Danny smiles




The End Of Summer - 8



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