Disclaimer: The West Wing and its characters belong to Mr. Sorkin and Co. I mean no disrespect. Please donít sue me. I only own Mark. 

Author: GEM 

Rate: R - some disturbing and suggestive content. 

Title: "Everlasting Reminder" (1/3)


It was dark by the time Mallory walked out of the school into the faculty parking lot. She had decided to stay late to prepare for the upcoming open house and now she was going home to enjoy a peaceful evening to herself. She reached her car and unlocked the door. She put her things on the seat next to her and then began to get into the car when someone pulled her to the ground. She began to scream and then she was pulled upright and pushed against the car.

"Guess who Buttercup?" came a male voice.

It took Mallory a moment to regain her senses and it was another moment or two before she knew who the person was. She had blood dripping down her face, presumably from an injury when her head slammed the ground. "Mark." She replied with hostility.

"Very good Buttercup."

"Let me go!" Mallory demanded. She tried to break free but he was too strong for her. "What do you want Mark?"

"I only want what I am entitled to my love, you."

"You had your chance." She replied coldly.

"And I will have another. Mark my words, Buttercup."

Mark pushed Mallory into the driverís seat and kissed her passionately. She tried to push him away but he restrained her. He kissed her on the neck and went for the buttons on her shirt. "So Buttercup what are you going to do now? Your father, Godfather and your boyfriend canít help you."

Mallory tried to scream but no sound came out of her mouth. She tried to get away but he was to strong. He covered her mouth and held onto her tightly. She couldnít scream. she couldnít run and then everything around her went black.




Everlasting Reminder - 2




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