Part 2

Note: I understand that some people may find this to be disturbing so I did try to fix it up a little. I hope you enjoy it.


Mallory woke up in a hospital bed, the events were fuzzy in her head. She looked around the room. She saw to figures and called out to one of them. "Daddy."

Leo turned away from the person his was talking to and walked to her bedside. He sat down next to her and took her hand in his. "Baby, youíre gonna be okay. Sam go get Mrs. Bartlet and tell the President that she is awake."

"What happened?" She asked weakly still in some pain. "I remember Mark..."

"Itís okay baby. Youíre gonna be okay. Just relax."

"What else Daddy?" Mallory asked as Abbey and Sam walked in the room. Abbey came to the beside next to Leo and Sam did as well. "Mallory we think that Mark was..." Abbey said as she watched Mallory eyes turn watery.

"No Abbey. No." She said as she began to pull at the IV and get out of bed.

Leo held onto her hand tightly "Mallory, Sweetie, calm down. Baby he isnít going to hurt you again I promise."

Sam moved in next to Leo to help calm Mallory "Mal, itís Sam. Iím not going to hurt you. Calm down, itís okay." Sam said in a soothing voice as he sat next to her taking her hand from Leo, who stood and walked out with Abbey, leaving the two alone.

Once outside the room Leo leaned heavily against the wall. "Abbey what do I do now?"

"Be there for her. Allow her to vent her anger. Leo, he may have been drinking but at least he didnít do anything that isnít irreversible. She has a cut on her head it will heal. I know that sounds cold but itís true."

"Abbey, I hurt her drinking. That wasnít supposed to happen to her again and certainly not with her husband. Iím proud of her. She saw the danger. She saw that he wasnít like me and she got out of it. Now he comes back every once in a while and decides to torment her. She doesnít deserve this. Itís an everlasting reminder to her of what I was and what he is. I what this guy, Abbey."

"I know you do but that isnít going to help her. She needs you to be strong to help her through this. Heíll get what he deserves eventually. Right now she needs you."

"I know Abbey. I know."



Everlasting Reminder - 3




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