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Authorís Note: This is an answer to a fan fic challenge about write a
first date for a West Wing couple regardless of their status now. i.e.
together or apart. I choose Leo and Jenny.
This could be considered part of the Leo and Jenny series that I am
writing Consisting of "All For Love" and "Second Chances" (not yet
posted) Feedback is a good thing tell me,this a work in progress.
if you think itís good or bad. Please donít archive without my
permission. Oh, GEM is my online nickname.

"For the First Time"

**** April 1963, Notre Dame University****

Leo McGarry was walking to class when he suddenly ran into something, no
"Oh, excuse me." Leo said as bent down to help her pick up her books and
"Thatís okay, itís my fault. I wasnít watching where I was going."
"My name is Leo McGarry." Leo introduced himself and handed her the
books he had pick up off the floor.
"My name is Jennifer OíBrien. My friends call me Jenny." She said with a
warm smile.
"Well Jenny may I walk you to class?" Leo inquired.
"No thatís okay I donít want to make you late." She said as she walked
down the hall.
"Wait!" Leo yelled but she was already out of earshot. He stood in the
hallway in awe. She was amazing and he had to see her again, somehow.
Leo look at his watch for a second and then thought to himself "sheís
right about one thing I am gonna be late if I donít move it."

Leo ran into his Government class, with time to spare and took a seat
next to his best friend, Jed Bartlet.
"Nice of you to Join us." He Joked.
"For your information the reason Iím late is because I ran into someone,
" Sure you did and who is it this week? Leo McGarry, savior of yet
another damsel in distress. So Who is it this time" Jed inquired.
"Her name is Jennifer OíBrien and I was helping her pick up her things.
Jed sheís amazing, a dream."
Jed looked at his friend seriously, "Jenny huh?"
Leo looked at Jed somewhat in shock. "You know her?"
"Yeah sheís in class with Abbey. Actually theyíre roommates."
"Yeah, I could give you their phone number."
"That would be great."
"Abbey, You wonít believe this." Jenny said as she walked into the
Anatomy Lab.
Abbey looked up from her book. "What? Did you forget to feed the cat
again? Or, I know you left your Lab on the table? She asked Jokingly.
"No, I ran into this guy, literally I might add. Oh, My gosh, Abbey, he
is gorgeous. His name is Leo McGarry."
"Leo is a nice guy."
"You know him?"
"Heís a friend of Jedís we hang out together sometimes."
"Can you help me then?"
"Do what?"
"I want to meet him, again."
"Iíll see what I can do."
"Thank you."

****That Night****

Abbey and Jenny were going over their anatomy notes when the phone rang.
Abbey picked it up.
"Hey, Abbey"
"Hey, Would you like to talk to someone?" She asked looking at Jenny.
Jenny had a terrified look on her face. Abbey spoke into the phone a
couple of seconds more before bringing the receiver down from her ear
and covering it with her hand. She looked over at Jenny, still frozen
in fear.
"There is someone on the phone that would like to talk to you. He says
he ran into you today."
Jenny mouth dropped, "Are you kidding me?"
"No." Abbey said with a smile
"Give me that." Jenny said reaching for the receiver.
"Hi Jenny itís Leo. Remember me?"
"Yes she replied her face turning red.
"I know that we only spoke quickly today but I was wondering...I mean
you donít... Would you like to go out sometime?"
Jenny looked to her friend for support, Abbey smiled sweetly and
motioned for her to go ahead.
"Leo, Iíd love to. When?" she asked hesitantly.
"Howís Thursday?"
"Iíll pick you up at eight?"
"Thatís fine. Do you know where I live. Oh, wait of course you do. You
know Abbey.
Sorry about that."
"Thatís okay. Iíll see you Thursday. Bye Jenny."
"Bye Leo." Jenny hung up the phone and looked at a smiling Abbey. "I
have a date on Thursday." She said and they began to laugh in

****Thursday Night****

Leo walked up to Jennyís apartment and knocked on the door. Moments
later Abbey came to the door. "Hi Leo." Abbey said as she showed him in
"Jenny will be ready in a second. Have a seat."
"Thanks, Abbey." Leo said as he sat down on the sofa. So What are you
doing tonight?
he asked "I have a French test tomorrow. Jed and I are gonna study."
"Iím sure you two will get a lot of studying done." Leo said with a
mischievous smile.
"Leo!" Abbey yelled at her friend, while turning several shades of red.
"Iím just saying."
Abbey was about to argue the point but was interrupted when Jenny walked
into the
"Wow. You look.... great." Leo gasped in shock of Jennyís appearance.
"Thank you, You donít look bad yourself."
"Well Iím gonna leave you two alone now. Donít stay out to late." Abbey
said as she walked out the door.
"Well now that Mom is gone." Jenny said as she laughed
"Yeah, hey these are for you" Leo handed Jenny the red roses he had
brought for her. "They match your dress. He obsevered. Looking at the
red knee length dress that Jenny was wearing."
"Thank you. These are sweet," she said as she placed them in a vase.
"Shall we go?" he asked offering her an arm.
Jenny accepted his arm and they walked out the door.

When they arrived at the restaurant. Leo help Jenny out of the car, they
walked in the front door, and sat down at a back table.
"I hope you like Italian."
"I love Italian."
They ordered their food and began to talk to each other about various
things: school,family, plans for the future, the war.
"I donít think we should be involved but that is just my opinion."
Jenny said as Leo listened intently lost in her beauty
"well I can understand. Youíre a med. student that sort of thing goes
against your ideals.. "Iím not sure thatís the right word. One thing Iím
sure of if Iím called Iíll serve my country, thatís very important to me
I guess that is why Iím a poli Sci major."
"I understand your point of view so, You want to be in Politics." she
asked as she twirled the spaghetti onto her fork and carefully placed in
her mouth.
"Yeah, I kinda had this dream since I was a kid to serve my country, to
make it a better place itís sort of a Gandhi thing." Leo said as he
smiled at Jenny. "Jenny you have spaghetti Sauce right here." Leo
pointed to the left side of his mouth.
"Here?" she said as she picked up her napkin a wiped her mouth.
"No, here." Leo took his napkin and wiped it away. It was at that moment
he new, he was in love.

Later that night Leo walked Jenny up to her door. It was a fun evening
and he didnít want it to end.
"Jenny I had fun tonight." He said as they stopped in front of her door
still arm in arm.
"So did I." She said before she looked for her key.
"Iíll call you again?"
"Iíd like that." Jenny said lost in his eyes. She didnít notice until
then when they were standing so close how gorgeous they were. At that
moment she knew she was in love.
Jenny got the door to her apartment open and looked back at Leo
"Goodnight, Jenny." Leo said lightly kissing her on the cheek. Jenny
slowly moved away from Leo but looked back into his eyes. There eyes met
and she slowly fell into his arms.
He kissed her gently on the lips before letting go. For the first time
they both knew that they had something special together, but only time
could tell what would come from the first time, the first kiss.

The End


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