Jenny stormed out of her office and down the hall to the drug lockup. She unlocked the cabinet, took out several pills and swallowed them with water before going to see her next patient. As she was walking to the exam room she replayed the conversation with her husband. How dare Leo say she has a drug problem? She doesn't have a problem. She is not him. She is taking medication because she is in pain not because she has a drug problem. She was still angry with him but she couldn't let it bother her anymore, she had work to do. She looked down at the chart and then entered the room to see her next patient.

"Hello Amanda."

"Hello Dr. McGarry."

"So I hear you took a spill off your bike."


"Well, your X-rays look fine. All we have to do is take care of the cut. " Jenny said taking a look at the gash on the young girl's head. "Are you allergic to novocaine?"


"Okay." Jenny walked over to the cabinet to get a suture tray and a local. She came back and injected the novocaine into the area surrounding the cut. Moments later the young girl passed out and stopped breathing. "Amanda!" Jenny shouted. "I need help in here!" Jenny shouted out the door and then turned back to the girl but she couldn't get her to respond to treatment.

Two nurses entered the room and began to assist Jenny. One helped do CPR the other started an IV. Seconds later Jenny's colleague entered the room to see her struggling to get the girl breathing again "What happened?" Allison asked urgently.

"I don't know." Jenny replied obviously distressed but doing her job.

Allison read the chart quickly and asked Jenny "What did you give her?"


"Jen, she's allergic to it!" Allison said as she pushed Jenny out of the way.

"She said…. Oh my God!"

"Jenny go take a break. We can take care of this now that we know what we are dealing with. I got this. Go!" Allison ordered her friend.

Jenny slowly backed out of the room in disbelief. When she got into the hallway she ran to her office, got her things and, ran out of the office. What had she done?



Mirror Image - 5



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