Jenny walked with Leo toward the elevator. When they arrived on the fourth floor the elevator doors opened and Jenny stood frozen staring out into the lobby.

Leo took note of her reaction and tightened his hold around her waist. "Come on Jenny."

Jenny was still frozen staring at her new surroundings.

"Jen? Jenny?" Leo tried disparately to gain her attention.

Jenny finally turned and looked at Leo then she looked down at the floor. "I can't do this "Leo. I'm sorry." She whispered.

"Jenny look at me." Jenny looked up at her husband. Leo took her face in his hands. You can do this, Jen you can." He caressed her cheek before putting an arm back around her waist and leading her out of the elevator, down to the office of Dr. Bryan Nelson.

"Are you ready?" Leo asked as he knocked on the office door.

"No, I don't think so. I would really like to go home."

"Jenny." Leo said in a gentle but warning tone.

"I can't do this Leo."

"Jenny…" Leo was interrupted by Bryan Nelson, a young blonde man standing in the doorway.

"Mr. McGarry, Mrs. McGarry please come in. Nelson said as he headed to his desk.

Jenny and Leo followed the young man into the office.


"Well, Dr McGarry I have looked over your file and I think we can help you but you have to trust us. You can't hold anything back. Now, from what I understand you began having a problem after an accident about six months ago. Is that right?"

"Yes." Jenny managed to get out weakly.

"And it's mostly pain killers?"

"Yes." Jenny replied tightly holding onto Leo's hand.

"Okay, we can help you but you have to be willing to help yourself. We can't do this alone. You're the only one that can beat this. Okay?"


"Do you have any questions for me?"

"No." Jenny replied.

"Okay." Bryan picked up the phone and called his assistant. "Jamie will you come in here please? Thank you."

"I'll have my assistant Jamie show you to your room so you can get settled in, and we'll talk later. " Nelson said as he hung up his phone. A young blonde woman entered the room. "Jamie, Would you please show Jenny to her room.

"Sure." She answered sweetly.


Jamie walked ahead of Jenny and Leo. When they reached her room, she showed Jenny where she could put her things, and then left her to settle in.

Jenny sat on the bed separating her from Leo for the first time since she arrived. "You have been awfully quiet since we got here." She said as she watched her husband stare out the window.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that… Do you need anything?" He asked

"I need you to stay here with me." Leo looked at Jenny. Her eyes were puffy and red from crying. He went over and sat on the side of the bed and gathered her up into his arms. "Jenny you know I would, if I could, but I can't."

Jenny buried her head in his chest. "I'm all alone."

"Jenny you are never alone. I'm always with you. He said as he kissed her before getting up to reach for his wallet.

Jenny tightened up as he left her for that brief moment. She acted as though she was incomplete without his arms around her. He fished around in his wallet for a moment before pulling out a picture that he had of the two of them. He climbed back onto the bed, this time sitting behind her. She leaned back into his strong arms and relaxed instantly. "Do you remember this?" He asked as he showed her the picture.

"Yes I think so."

"You gave this to me right before you left me at Tucson so that I could have you close to my heart. Now, I am giving it to you so you know that you will never be alone. I'll be there." Jenny began to shake in her husband's arms. He held her tightly and kissed her before slipping the picture into her pocket. She lay in his arms until she fell asleep.


Leo watched her sleep for sometime wrestling with his emotions. Should he stay or go? He knew in his heart that she would not want to stay if he left when she was awake so it comes down to what is best for her? He had to leave her now. He knew that that was the best thing for her. He carefully unwrapped himself from her, and slipped off the bed, careful not to wake her. He pulled the covers onto her peacefully sleeping figure, and left a note on the night stand:

My Love, You are never alone I will always be with you. I love you now, always, and forever. Leo

Leo placed the note on the nightstand and walked quietly out the door. As he walked down the hall his emotions tore at him. The woman he loves more than life itself is back there in that room. He loves her and he always will but for him this is the hardest thing he has ever had to do. Deep down he knows that it is the right thing because he loves her but that doesn't make it hurt any less.

The End




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