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Author's Note: This was the first WW fan fic I ever wrote but not the first I posted. This has no relation to the finale. I didn't even know what the finale was going to be when I wrote this. And I know that one character in this story shouldn't have Bartlet as their last name, but I couldn't think of anything else so forgive me. I say it's a modern marriage. When you read you'll see what I mean Thanks to AJ for all her help. Feedback is a good thing. Please do not archive without asking me.

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"Shadows of Doubt" By: GEM

Los Angles 8:00PM PST

"Lilli, you know this is not one of my favorite places to be", the First Lady said to her Chief of Staff as they walked down the aisle.

"I know, Abbey but she made Nationals and, I know she means a lot to you and the President", Lilli said as they were shown to their seats by the Secret Service.

"I promised her I would come watch if she made it to National even it her grandfather couldn't, The First Lady said to her Chief of Staff.

"The bill signing really has them busy doesn't it", Lilly said.

"Yes, it does Lilli and since the President and her parents couldn't be here, it is now our job to cheer her on." Abbey responded as the competition began.

Washington D.C. 11:00PM EST

"DONNA! Where the hell is it?" barked Josh.

Donna ran into Josh's office, "where the hell is what?" she asked

"The list."

"What list?"

"The guest list for the bill signing, I need it for the staff meeting", Josh said frantically.

"Oh, you mean the napkin? I threw it out when I cleaned up your lunch." She said playfully, as she walked out of his office and went over to her desk.

"DONNA!" Josh yelled as he went over to her desk.

"Relax would you it's right here," Donna handed Josh a piece of paper, "I put it on some respectable paper."

"Thank you, Donna," Josh said sarcastically as he walked out of the bullpen and headed to Leo's office.

Leo looked at the senior staff; it was another long night in the West Wing. The gun control bill that banned KTW's was along time in coming as well as a personal mission of this Administration because of a young, energetic Presidential aide named, Charlie Young.

"Sam," came Leo's voice "how are you coming with the speech?"

"Sam is doing well, he'd do even better if he used punctuation." Toby responded.

"Thank you, Toby", Sam said, "it's almost done Leo"

"Okay" Leo said. "Josh", Leo turned his attention to the Deputy Chief of Staff "Who do we have on the guest list?"

"We have Senators Woods and Moore; Charlie has asked me to pass along that his sister, Dina, will be unable to attend, because of school."

"Okay", Leo replied "CJ"

CJ turned her attention to the Chief of Staff. "Yeah?"

"You can let the press know that the ceremony will start at 3:00Pm, in the Rose Garden. You can release the guest list but let them know that the Senators will be unavailable for comment."

"Okay", CJ responded "but".

"Why", Josh chimed in.

"They have a caucus right after the bill signing so they have to leave right when it's finished, Okay".

"Anything else," CJ asked.

"No," Leo responded, everyone go home get some sleep, and will get back to work tomorrow.

As the staff walked out of Leo's office, they echoed good nights to him and to each other. Leo then walked over to the coat rack, got his coat and walked out of his office.

Los Angles 10:00 PM PST

Annie Bartlet stepped off the podium after her coach and teammates. They had just received the silver medal. "Coach Mitchell, Have you seen my grandmother," Annie asked. Annie had her back to the crowd of people and did not see the First Lady walking toward her.

"Turn around Annie," Coach Mitchell said.

Annie looked at her Coach confused but did what she said. As she turned around, Annie saw her grandmother walking towards her. Annie quickly run into her grandmother and received a congratulatory hug. "What a beautiful performance, sweetheart. I'm so proud of you," Abby said softly.

As Annie backed away from her grandmother she looked around the auditorium. Abbey had seen this look before, a look of disappointment. Before Annie could ask the question that the disappointment had written on her face, Abbey spoke up. "He couldn't come, sweetheart, but I did call him and he told me to tell that his is very proud of you and that he will see you soon."

"I understand," Annie said.

"Annie," Abbey said, "I talked to your coach and made arrangements so that you could say with me tonight is that okay?"

"Yeah, that would be great", Annie said as she picked up her bag, took her grandmother's hand and follow the Secret Service to the waiting limo.

Abbey and Annie had just gotten into the hotel room, when Abbey noticed that Annie still looked upset. "Honey, what's wrong?" Annie did not reply. "Annie," Abbey called her name again this time with more concern in her voice "what's wrong?"

"Nothing", replied Annie weakly.

"Oh, now I know you better than that, what is it? What's bothering you?" Abbey asked as she went over to her granddaughter.

"I wish Mom and Dad where here," she said with a tear in her eye.

Abbey took her into her arms and helped her over to the bed, "I know, I wish they were here too, but they had to work, so I came."

"I know but it's not the same", she replied now completely consumed in her emotions. Abby held her in her arms until she stopped crying and then she helped her into bed and gave her a kiss goodnight. It didn't take long for either of them to fall asleep but after tonight, it is possible that neither of them would sleep the same way again.


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Shadows Of Doubt - 2



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