They all saw it; no one could move even the Secret Service agents were frozen in disbelief. The gun was pointed directly at the President. The First Lady and the President's senior staff were all in shock and unable to move then the sound of a firecracker rang out.

No! Abby came out of shock long enough to see her husband fall to the ground, in the White House Rose Garden. "JED," screamed Abby, everything around her was in slow motion, "JOSIAH!" Abbey knelt down next to her husband, he was shot in the chest and there were two Secret Service agents dead next to him, dead. She tried to control the bleeding but she felt someone pull her away she tried to fight it but it was too strong. "ABBEY", came Leo's voice "don't fight me" he said in a stern but gentle tone as he pulled her away.

Abbey couldn't see her husband's face as Leo pulled her away the only thing she saw was the blood on her hands.

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Shadows Of Doubt - 3



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