Abbey woke up screaming, "Jed!" she looked around the room confused and in a cold sweat.

Annie rose from bed quickly at the sound of her grandmother's voice, "Are you okay?" she asked with concern in her voice.

"I'm fine Honey, go back to sleep."

"Are you sure?" Annie asked.

"I'm sure, now don't worry about me, go back to sleep," Abby replied in a motherly fashion. Annie knew better something was wrong but she wasn't going to press it any further, she would find out soon enough.

"Good Morning" CJ said as she reached the podium to start the morning briefing. "I just want to go over the schedule for this afternoon. The President will sign the so-called "Young Bill" this afternoon at 3Pm, in the Rose Garden. The bill of course is named after Rita Young, the late mother of presidential aid Charles Young. The bill prohibits among other things the use or sale of KTW's or what are commonly known as cop killer bullets." "CJ" Danny Concannon raised his voice cheerfully.

"Yes Danny" acknowledged CJ.

"Will Charlie's sister Dina be attending this afternoon?"

"Dina will not be attending because she has a conflict in her class schedule however senators Moore and Woods will be attending this afternoon, responded CJ. "I also been asked to remind you that you are to remain in the designated press area and are not to direct questions to the President or any of the guests." I take any question you may have now, said CJ cheerfully as hands shot into the air.

"Katie" CJ called out.

"CJ, will The First Lady be attending this afternoon? Katie asked.

"No, I don't believe so as we speak the First Lady is on her way back from Los Angles", responded CJ.

"What was she doing in LA?" Liz shouted.

"She was attending a dance competition the President's granddaughter entered, said CJ. All of the sudden the room erupted into questions about the competition; CJ finally broke through the uproar. "Folks, I really can't say anything more on this matter but I will have more news for you later today, thank you" CJ said as she stepped off the podium and walked out of the press room.

"How was the trip?" Jed asked his wife on the way back to The White House. Abbey did not reply. Jed put his hand on her arm she turned to him and grabbed onto his hand. "Abbey, is everything alright/", Jed asked.

"Everything is fine." Abby replied with a quiver in her voice as the car pulled up to the west wing entrance. Donnie opened the car door. Jed helped Abbey out of the car; it was obvious to him that something was wrong. Abbey was quite emotional and had not let go of his hand since they left the airport.

"Abbey, honey, what's wrong? Jed asked, as they walked in the door.

She leaned over to him with tears in her eyes and said, "I need to talk to you."

"Okay." Jed responded with concern, as they walked towards the Oval office. Jed Bartlet helped his wife to the couch as they entered to the Oval Office; the First Lady was still visibly shaken.

"Abbey", Jed called out. She jumped at the sound of his voice; this reaction didn't go unnoticed. "Abbey, what's going on?"

"Sit down Jed, please", she said urgently and with some fear. Jed sat down next to his wife and took her hand and then she told him about the dream.

"No wonder she was so emotional," he thought as she finished. "Abby", Jed said when she finished the job of the Secret Service is to protect the President and his family and they're good at it."

"I know but that still doesn't give me a lot of confidence and this has really stuck with me, she replied.

"I know but its going to be okay," he reassured her.


"Sam this is a nice piece of work", Leo McGarry commented.

"Yeah, I think you capture the President's position on gun control nicely", Josh said. Although I hate to disagree I think you could have been a little harder in the B section." Toby said dryly but quickly added "I like it and you finally used punctuation."

The staff all laughed at Toby's last comment they were having a final meeting in Leo's before they showed the final draft of the speech to the President "Okay", Leo interjected, "We don't have a lot of time so let's try to keep our eye on the ball. CJ is the press ready for this afternoon?" Leo asked turning his attention to the White House Press Secretary.

"I think so, the press will start to gathering in the Rose Garden at 2:30. I have told them no questions to the President or the guests."

"Okay sounds like we're ready. The President will meet with us soon to go over everything Is there anything else?" Leo looked around the room to see if any of the staff had something to add. "Okay then we're done." Leo said. With that the staff got up and left Leo's office.

Abbey had come to the conclusion that her husband was right. She shouldn't worry about the dream but she couldn't help but think about it. Their conversation had now shifted to Annie and the day's upcoming events. "She was great Jed it's to bad the bill signing fell the way it did", Abby said proudly.

"Yeah I real proud of her", Bartlet replied.

"Have you seen this afternoon's speech yet? She asked.

"No, not yet. The staff coming by to go over it", he said as Leo walked in the door. "Leo" the President said cheerfully.

"Good Afternoon, Mr. President, hello Abbey, Congratulations I heard Annie did very well."

"Yes she did," the First Lady replied.

"We are very proud of her," the President added moving from behind his desk. Leo turned to the First Lady and said, "Wasn't she supposed to come back with you."

"Yes, but she decided to stay and go back with the team instead. It probably for the best it looks like we're gonna be busy the next few days with everything that is going on," she said.

"Probably a good idea." Leo said in agreement. "Oh, Mr. President we are to go over the speech anytime"

"Okay Leo, Lets meet in the Roosevelt Room in fifteen minutes," Bartlet replied.

"Very well Sir anything else?" Leo asked.

"No, thank you"

"See in fifteen minutes sir"

Leo started out the door when Abby urgently said, "Yes!"

Leo turned around and looked at the First Lady, "Abbey, What is it?" Leo asked.

"We have to cancel the bill signing." The President shot his wife a look.

"Why?" Leo asked.

Abbey looked at Jed as to apologize for what she was about to say. He caught the look and said gently but firmly "Abby, I will be fine"

"No, you won't!" She fired back. Leo looked questionably at both of them, he had know idea what was going on.

The President caught the look on his chief of Staff 's face and said mockingly " She thinks someone is going to try to kill me this afternoon.

"WHAT?! And you did think that it was important to tell me about this." Leo shot back he was letting the President, his best friend know that he was not happy being left out of this loop.

"Listen you two," Bartlet said breaking through the argument, "I'm doing this bill signing, today. Now the two of you get out of here and stop worrying about me."

Abbey began to say something but then thought better of it and walked out of the Oval office. Leo stayed and looked at his close friend in the eye, he knew Jed Bartlet. He knew that he knew that he was worried about but out of respect Leo didn't say a thing. Instead, he just walked out the door and took the long way back to his office. He needed to think. Leo knew that nothing would change the President's mind. As he took the last step into his office, he looked up "Abbey!" Leo said surprised to see the First Lady sitting on the couch.

TBC..... Hope this helped those of you that were confused by part 2. Feedback please!!!!!


Shadows Of Doubt - 4



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