Everyone was sitting around the table in the Roosevelt when Leo and the President walked in. The staff rose to their feet and all said good afternoon.

"What do you have for me?" Bartlet asked.

Toby looked up and began to speak. "Sir, Sam and I have basically written this." He picked up a bound book and handed it to Sam and he began to outline the speech.

"You praise congress for coming to a bipartisan vote, and finally acknowledging that gun control legislation will help in the long fight against gun violence."

Josh interrupted Sam. "But we aren't calling Congress stupid, are we?"

No Josh, we aren't." Sam replied.

"Okay, Just checking." CJ looked up from her notebook and at Josh.

"What would we gain from calling Congress stupid?"

Josh looked at CJ to see if she was kidding, he thought she was but he gave her an answer anyway. "A headache." He replied sarcastically.

Before CJ could answer, Toby cut in "We are not calling Congress stupid, in fact the President is congratulating them. He also goes on to say that this bill, unlike 802, covers the safety of citizens in more detail and that he is proud of that."

"Alright that is enough!" Leo said " Mr. President after today we can say that we have a gun law that makes sense and will help save people's lives.

"You're right oh and Sam I liked what Leo said can we put that in the speech?"

"Yes Mr. President. Before anyone could say anymore there was a knock on the door and Charlie entered the room.

"Excuse me, Mr. President, There is someone in your office who would like to see you."

"Who is it Charlie?"

"I have been asked not to say."

"Really" Bartlet said energetically. Leo rolled his eyes at the comment, Bartlet continued "Charlie, I am the Commander in chief of the United States and you're not going to give me a clue as to who is in my office."

"I'm sorry sir, I have been asked not to give you that information."

"Okay, Charlie." The President finally gave in. "We'll we finish when Sam is finished. Sam you have a half hour." The President said as he walked out the door

Mrs. Landingham was working at her desk when the President entered the receiving area of the oval office.

"Charlie, now can you tell me who is in my office?" Bartlet asked.

"Mr. President, I'm sorry. I promised I wouldn't tell."

With that the President turned to his secretary. "I don't suppose that you will give me any clue." Bartlet stated, knowing full well that she wouldn't.

"I'm sorry sir. I have been sworn to secrecy." She replied.

"Very well, thank you both so much for your help." He said sarcastically as he went into his office.

When he entered the office, he noticed that his chair was turned towards the window. He shut the door and the chair moved to face him. Sitting in the chair his granddaughter Annie.

"Annie! What are you doing here?" He asked, pleasantly surprised to see his granddaughter. She got up and ran to hug his grandfather. "I decided to surprise you."

Bartlet released her from the bear hug and said. " I thought you were going back to Hanover with the team."

"I called Mom and had her change my ticket. I paid off the service to keep them quite." She joked. "I wanted to see you." She added.

"That's great! I'm glad you decided to come, but why didn't you just come back with your grandmother?" He motioned for Annie to join him on the couch.

Annie continued as they sat down. "She seemed preoccupied about a dream she had the night before. I thought that maybe she just needed a chance to talk to you alone. I stayed with the team to watch some other performances the day she left and then I decided that I would come surprise you, since you couldn't come to LA

"I sorry about that Annie. I really am but I had to prepare for the bill signing this afternoon."

"It's alright, Grandpa, I understand." Annie responded cheerfully.

"Does your grandmother know you're here?"

"No, I'm gonna go see her as soon as I'm done here."

"That's good. I sure she will be happy to see you."

"Grandpa, is she alright? Annie asked with concern.

"She's fine, Annie. She's just a little stressed about the bill signing, we all are." "Annie Why don't you come and sit next to me this afternoon?" Bartlet suggested

"Really!" Annie replied with excitement.

"Really," Bartlet said.

"I'd love to." She replied as she got up with him and headed to the door. He opened the door and kissed her on the cheek. "I love you."

"I love you too, Grandpa." She walked out the door and he closed it behind her.

The Senior Staff entered the Oval office and echoed hellos to the President.

"Mr. President." Sam said as Leo entered the room from his office. "I think we've this the way you want it. He handed the speech to the President.

"Great Sam. But before we look at it I have great news."

At this statement the Staff all got the scared puppy dog look on their faces. The last time the President had great news they all ended up eating chili in the residence.

"Annie is visiting and I have asked her to come to the bill signing."

"Oh, that's great sir." Everyone responded cheerfully, however, Leo looked worried.

"Well I like this a lot better. Now everyone get out of my office. I'll see you all later.

"Yes sir." The staff responded as they left the office. The President watched as the staff left. He noticed that his Chief of Staff was still in the room.

"What's on your mind Leo?"

"I'm not sure if having Annie at the bill signing in a good idea.

"Why not?"

"What if Abbey's right about the dream?"

Leo we are doing this, my granddaughter is coming and that is final." Bartlet said firmly. "I'm not gonna argue with you anymore. Now get out of here I gotta get ready and so do you."

"Yes sir. Leo responded as he walked out of the Oval Office.


"Hi Grandma." Annie said sweetly as she walked into Abbey's office.

"Annie, what are you doing here? I thought…"

"You thought I went back with the team. Annie completed Abbey's thought.

"Yes." Abbey responded.

Well, I decide that since Grandpa couldn't come see me, I would come see him

"That's is very nice of you sweetie but you know Grandpa is kinda busy with the bill sign this afternoon. I could see if he has some time for you later."

"I already saw him." Annie replied

"You did!" Abbey said surprised by what Annie had told her.

"Yeah, he said I could come to the bill signing this afternoon. Isn't that great? Annie asked with excitement.

Abbey hesitated for a moment and then looked at her granddaughter. "Yeah, sweetie that' s great." She responded cheerfully trying desperately to hide her fear. "Well, if we are gonna go to the bill sign I think we better go. Abbey said. She took Annie's and the walked out the door towards the Oval Office.


CJ was standing by the podium getting ready to give the press some last minute information. There was more press than usual, because of the impotence of the bill. CJ didn't even recognize them all, she did notice that the Secret Service had brought in extra security.

"Okay, Now that everyone looks like they are here just a couple of reminders the President will speak first, then sign the bill and give out the pens. He will not take questions." She emphasized the last part of her statement. "The Ceremony will start in about fifteen minutes." She said as stepped off the platform and into the White House.


TBC…… Feedback please. Note to readers: I can't write just by typing. I have to use paper so this is it for a while. Don't worry it all written I just got to type it and send it to be edited, Thanks again to AJ for the help there. More to come soon. I promise.


Shadows Of Doubt - 6



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