Abbey was covered in blood. She couldn't control it. All of the sudden she heard Ron Butterfield yell, "GET HER OUT OF HERE!"

"ABBEY!" Leo yelled from behind her. "We need to go the service will take care of him."

"LEO, I can't leave him!" She said firmly.

"Abbey, we have to go! It's not safe here.

"I told you that before, Leo! You didn't listen to me. I knew it wasn't safe and you wouldn't listen!"

"Abbey you can yell at me all you want later but we have to go now!" He pulled her off of her husband, his best friend.

She began to fight him as he pulled her away. "I have to stay with him Leo. It's my JOB!"

"Right now your job is to come with me." Leo insisted Come on Abigail, PLEASE don't fight me."

"I have to stay…"

"Abbey I have no time to argue " By this time Leo had the help of two agents and they pulled her away from the stage. Leo asked the agents to stay with the president, he thought that might make her calm down but she still fought him all the way inside.

"LEO! I 'm the only one who can help him!" She yelled at her husband's Chief of Staff.

"Abbey! He's DEAD!!!!!!"

"NO he's not!"

Leo turned and faced the First Lady. "Abigail!" Leo looked at her and the look on her face said all he needed to know. Abbey's knees began to weaken, Leo did all he could to brace her fall. He sat on the floor with her in his arms doing all he could to calm her as she shook and wept in his arms and he cried with her. She had just lost her husband, the Country had lost a President,and he had lost his best friend….




Shadows Of Doubt - 8



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